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  • Virat Munjal’s music beats observing no boundaries and reaching all around the nation along with China

    Published on October 6, 2022

    After giving successful and thundering performances at Indian and Chinese clubs, this inextricable member of the duet Rave and Crave has become unstoppable now. It’s awe-inspiring the way he has banged the floors of Playboy Club and Hylife in Hyderabad and Kitty Su in Chandigarh. Not only these but the youngsters at The Irish Pub House in Mumbai, Lord of the Drinks in Delhi and High Ultra Lounge in Bengaluru, who are always in the queue to witness innovation on stage, were completely mesmerized by the versatility of the music composition.

    Shivai Munjal, whom people love as Virat Munjal, had been passionate for music, and he got the rhythm of beats in his nerves due to which he is habitual of giving unconventional music compositions striking the fusion of traditionalism and modernism, thereby winning and satisfying both soft and hard emotions of the contemporary youth.

    Virat’s success doesn’t have a full stop as he is just exploring the new ethnicity of China and gathering followership from there. Accomplishing such success at such a teenage becomes an inspiration for others as success is never easy to achieve, and therefore, the saga of a struggling and challenging journey becomes a thing worth knowing and reading to get the motivation from real examples.

    The performances by this Crave of the Rave & Crave duo at the festivals like Sunburn, VH1 Supersonic, and Mad Decent Block Party got them boundless fame. The whole credit goes to the perfect synchronization of the two rockstars. He currently frequently performs, catering to the aesthetic and musical needs of the public, at Bougie Delhi on Wednesdays, We Qutub on Fridays, Diablo on Saturdays, and expanding the Bougie Bender event on Sundays. The most enchanting thing about him is that his performances at these events have a newness every time, and this is what people adore him for.

    Stardom like this is certainly alluring to those who see it, but the valiant efforts that led to this success continue to serve as an example. From the time he was Shivai to the time he became Virat, the story of his life has remained an original autobiography. Such people unquestionably always win people over with their commitment, enthusiasm, and final focus on their goals, and furthermore, they remain humble in life, justifying the love they got from the public and always valuing it.


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