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  • Virox Launches “First-Of-Its-Kind” Online Tool For Spas And Salons That Helps Keep Consumers Safe During The Pandemic!

    Published on October 28, 2020

    In an industry first, Virox® Technologies, has taken a leading, pro-active approach to keep spas and salons safe for employees and their clients. “Providing education for the effective use of our patented disinfectant technology within healthcare facilities, on cruise ships and airplanes, and even in outer space (aboard the International Space Station), has enabled us to introduce this exciting initiative to the professional beauty market,” announced Nicole Kenny, Vice President of Professional and Technical Services at Virox Technologies.

    The company has launched a FREE online tool that creates customized cleaning and disinfecting protocols tailored to the individual needs of professional beauty facilities across America. The spread of viruses and bacteria through surface contamination is one of the ways infections can proliferate but it’s the “least understood method of outbreak prevention,” reveals Kenny.

    “How, where and when to disinfect high-touch surfaces, equipment and devices is not as intuitive as wearing a mask, hand sanitizing or maintaining social distancing,” says Kenny. The significance for the general public is potentially not just coming home with a new haircut or manicure but also stowaway pathogens that can remain a source of infection for days.

    Consumers now feel more confident when they walk into their favorite spa or salon knowing there are professional protocols in place to address lingering pathogens. But they’ll need to remain vigilant to ensure their facility is following best practices to keep them safe.

    Here are Nicole Kenny’s tips for ways people can stay safe when getting a haircut, massage, manicure or facial during this pandemic:

    1. Be Informed: “You have a choice and it’s up to you to feel comfortable with your personal safety and the potential risks posed to others should you get infected,” says Kenny.  Understand what policies and practices the salon or spa has in place that would include screening measures, PPE requirements, service restrictions and most importantly what cleaning and disinfecting protocols are being implemented and followed.
    1. Don’t Wipe Away: Disinfectants do not kill on contact. All disinfectants have EPA approved contact times ranging anywhere from 1 to 10 minutes, meaning the surface must stay wet for the required time in order to kill. “It’s gotta stay wet to disinfect” is what we say in the industry—otherwise you’re not achieving the desired germicidal outcome,” says Kenny.
    1. Be Patient, it’s for Your Own Good: Allow salon and spa staff the time to take the necessary steps to keep you safe” recommends Kenny. Surface disinfection must take place between every client appointment. “This will include giving all surfaces a disinfecting wipe down, multiple glove changes, frequent hand-washing, disposal of one-time use tools and implements, foot bath reprocessing and other measures as directed by state and city bylaws (like no walk-in appointments, need to use masks, removal of waiting areas, etc.). “If your salon or spa has fast client turnover that does not allow for protective procedures to take place, you should be aware of the heightened risks you may be facing” warns Kenny.
    1. Ask Questions: You should be able to ask questions of your facility and be comfortable with their responses and level of advanced knowledge.With the benefit of customized protocols, infection prevention training and best practice education, salon and spa professionals should be well prepared to keep their clients safe while in their care. “If your salon or spa is not able to respond to your infection prevention questions, how safe should you feel?” asks Kenny.
    1. Be Kind: Salon and spa professionals have always understood the need for infection prevention. The pandemic, however, has impacted lives in ways beyond what many could ever have imagined. There’s the physical danger but also the constant emotional strain and psychological uncertainty wondering if enough is being done to keep everyone safe. But with “awareness, patience and protective measures, we can get through this,” encourages Kenny.

    Virox’s protocol tool provides a comprehensive audit of a facility’s work stations, treatment/service areas, points of client interaction (e.g. reception) and other spaces like washrooms and break rooms to build a complete set of tailor-made guidelines. “This is just what the industry needed to make pandemic cleanliness one less stress to deal with. The protocol builder is user friendly, gives salons and spas of every size the ability to create consistent disinfection protocols that are even customizable with their own logo. I’m making a protocol for myself that will be visible for clients and sharing the link with all my fellow professionals and followers!” says Holly Shippers aka FingerNailFixer Industry Advocate, Blogger and Global Educator.

    The builder has been met with great anticipation attaining over a thousand pre-launch sign-ups. “We are very excited to avail this invaluable tool to our clients and help communicate the importance of infection prevention to staff and customers alike” says Karen Short, CEO of Universal Companies—supplier to over 30,000 American spas and salons. In so doing, Virox Technologies has made the deadly presence of pathogens one less thing the professional beauty industry needs to worry about as they get back to doing business in the new norm.