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  • Vishal Soni, an influencer and founder of Soni Enterprise shares some amazing fashion tips

    Published on October 4, 2021

    Fashion is a continually evolving industry that has been shaping our minds and changing our ways of life for years. We live in a very dynamic world where nothing is static, neither is the fashion world. However, trends or fads of the clothing industry has always been alluring to the masses.
    Every time, when the movie hits the screen, the outfits of actors or actresses become a new trend and each individual wants to dress like him or her. This continues until a new movie come to replace. May it be movies or social media fashion finds a way to you, isn’t it?

    Today there are hundreds of social media influencers who are inciting the millions to develop a way of life through clothing and grooming.  Vishal Soni is one of them.

    Mr. Soni with his immense knowledge about clothing and grooming has propelled a thousands of people to develop a style of their own and be a fashion guru themselves. You can also see him as the only founder and administrator of the Soni Enterprise.

    After being an influencer, Mr. Soni understood the need of introducing an apparel brand that is both classy and cost-effective. And with the online presence through the website, he made sure that every corner of the country could enjoy the benefits of this super classy and affordable clothing brand.

    To your delight, we asked for a few fashion tips from Mr. Soni and we are compressing them for you..

    1.      Blacks, Whites and Blues are the base of your wardrobe make sure you have them.

    2.      Don’t stumble while choosing vibrant colours.

    3.      Wear your fit and wear it with confidence.

    4.      Always ace your outfit with a minimum accessory.

    5.      Keep your hair good and always smell good.


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