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  • Friday, December, 2023| Today's Market | Current Time: 01:14:42
  • VIVA11 Fantasy Sports App Skyrockets to Over 200K Plus Users in Days – A Revolutionary Platform for Fantasy League Enthusiasts

    Published on November 20, 2023

    In an impressive display of growth, VIVA11 has swiftly surpassed 200,000 Plus users, announcing its arrival in the competitive fantasy sports market with a bang. The quick user base expansion reflects the app’s engaging appeal and the burgeoning popularity of fantasy sports.

    “David Kyoungho Byeon, CEO at VIVA11, commented, “The surge in sign-ups is a clear indicator of the compelling and enjoyable experience our platform offers. It’s heartening to see users not only embracing VIVA11 but also advocating for it within their circles.”

    Designed to be accessible, the VIVA11 app caters to a broad spectrum of cricket fans, enabling them to use their cricket insight to assemble teams and vie in an online arena. The interface’s simplicity meets the needs of both expert gamers and novices.

    The VIVA11 community is rapidly expanding, with users voicing appreciation for the platform’s engaging experience. A key growth driver has been the referral program, which has significantly boosted user numbers.

    “David Kyoungho Byeon added, “VIVA11 is more than a game; it’s a community for cricket fans to interact, compete, and share their cricket passion. We’re committed to enhancing user experience, with this milestone marking just the start of our journey.”

    The company’s responsive adaptation to user feedback and dedication to excellence are central to its swift success. With ambitions to broaden its feature set and sports offerings, VIVA11 aims to transform the fantasy sports scene.

    To discover more about VIVA11 or to become part of this rapidly expanding sports community, visit www.viva11.com  or download the app from Play Store.


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