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  • Wednesday, December, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 03:11:05
  • Pune: Vmoot, a Pune based startup has recently launched India’s first debating and polling platform. Started with an aim to help the common man raise their voice, the Questions and Opinion (Q&O) platform can be used to post questions, either in the form of a debate or as an interactive poll. Users can discuss issues related to politics, city & local affairs, sports, entertainment, etc. with people who have similar interests and arrive at a particular opinion based on the discussion.

    The startup connects users with common areas of interests indirectly providing a close-knit platform and prompt opinions globally. Users can also invite friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter to participate.

    Commenting on the launch, Kunal Shelar, Founder & CEO, Vmoot says, “We came up with the idea of conceptualizing the brand after observing over the years, that the layout & functionality of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Quora, etc. don’t support debating. Furthermore, users on these platforms give opinions but the opinion doesn’t help in bringing the change. Majority of social media posts create miscommunication related to facts due to incorrect information”

    He further adds, “To solve this issue, we have launched a platform where users will be able to see other people’s opinions in one glance, contradict or support their view, get valuable feedback & suggestions and create a final opinion basis major common consensus.”

    Unique features have been incorporated in the app to make the platform interactive yet to the point. Voice notes allow users to post their opinions and questions by recording their voice rather than typing hence giving a personal touch and participation of all kinds of users. Users can create new topics if they are not available and start debating on those topics. The platform frequently monitors Opinions and Questions, hence if there is any abusive content or an opinion that’s not related to the debate, it can be reported.

    Vmoot also supports private and anonymous debating which can help private and public organizations get honest and valuable feedback. The results of the discussions in the form of debate or poll can be shared by tagging the concerned authorities in Social Media posts or on their Social Media Pages/handle.