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  • VOSMOS Collaborates with Impact Institute of Event Management -Launches Credit Course on Virtual Events for the College Goers-

    Published on September 27, 2023

     New Delhi: VOSMOS, a tech start-up that specializes in Metaverse and virtual experiences, in collaboration with IIEM, Delhi has launched a Credit Course in Virtual Events. The launch comes as a response to the rapidly growing virtual events market not only in India but also globally. The course has been developed to make the Gen Z tech savvy and equip them with additional expertise to widen their horizon of career options.

    With the huge demand for small and large-scale virtual events from sectors like automobile, FMCG, retail there will be increased demand for skilled tech savvy professionals in the future. This course will provide a learning ground for the college goers and add on to their skills. The Credit Course will be conducted online with expert instructors from VOSMOS throwing light on the important aspects of the growing virtual events industry and teaching them the technicalities and skills required for the job. Students who have enrolled in the course are the ones pursuing Diploma, BBA and MBA at the IIEM institute. Post completion, the students will be rewarded Certificate of Completion issued by CL Educate (a listed Edtech Company in India) as well as top 2 performers will get an internship with them to work on global virtual event projects. 

    The topics to be covered extensively in this online course will include the marketer’s point of view as well as the audience’s point of view. The students will be taught the nuances of planning and preparation required for conducting virtual events, the technical aspect of production and management, content creation and delivery while also exploring marketing and promotion aspect of the events. AI will be an important part of the course where the experts from VOSMOS will explain how to measure success and analytics through AI. The students enrolled in this course will also get an opportunity to build their own virtual event on VOSMOS DIY events platform.  

    Commenting on the launch Piyush Gupta, CEO, VOSMOS says “With the world becoming more digital and in the global economic situation, virtual events have provided a cost-effective alternative to traditional in-person events. However, there is a gap in the demand and the skilled professionals required to conduct such events. Our course is aimed to bridge this gap and empower future event managers with a must-have skill set. Additionally, students will learn how to use our VOSMOS virtual events platform to create immersive and engaging experiences, giving them the tools, they need to succeed in this growing field.”

    Sandesh Shetty, Associate Director, Product Development, VOSMOS mentions “Our virtual events platform, VOSMOS Events is a must-have in every marketer’s toolkit, as it provides the tools and resources needed to create successful virtual events that engage and convert audiences. The VOSMOS platform is designed to be immersive, simple, and easy to use, so that anyone can create engaging virtual events. With the launch of our virtual events course, we are excited to empower the next generation of event managers with the skills they need to succeed in this growing field.”  


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