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  • VouchPro adds new capabilities to offer real-time two-way video interactions within virtual events for higher engagement

    Published on May 28, 2021

    New Delhi: VouchPro, one of the fastest-growing virtual and hybrid events service provider platforms, has introduced real-time two-way video communication to its platform to take Audience engagement in a Virtual Event to the next level. This is a revolutionary enhancement that will enable the host to replicate the same experience which one gets in a physical event. During the period of the live session, speakers and audience will now be able to continuously see live reactions from thousands or millions of fellow viewers along with the facility to integrate a live video question from them.

    With VouchPro, the host will now not only be able to put together 3-D events, conference sessions, webinars, and meetings but also allow the attendees to take part in a more engaging manner, i.e., via Video communication. Providing 100% customizable and highly engaging virtual events solutions to businesses, VouchPro will ensure that the video communication between the audience and the host is well-protected and well planned. Experiencing a virtual environment closest to that of a physical event will result in an increased number of attendees and enhanced engagement for the host.

    VouchPro not only provides a seamless platform for enterprises to host the event but also provides a Delivering a hyper-personalized experience to the attendees, all the virtual conferences, trade shows, exhibitions, and other live events hosted on VouchPro are leveraged with a wide range of personalized visual spaces and feature many interactive tools such as chat, Q&A, polling, and audience clapping. With its customized solutions, VouchPro also allows enterprises to create a virtual lobby featuring an information desk to welcome visitors and exhibitors and guide them throughout the event.

    Besides, the host can also facilitate their logos, add a ticker on the screen to flash important information, and use confetti to show appreciation towards something. These features make the live stream more appealing and engaging. 

    Commenting on the development, Anubhav Bajpai, CEO & Founder, VouchPro said, “It is going to be one of the most awaited advancements in the virtual events sector. With the current situation, where everything is operated from home, the events are held online. With the lack of proper setup, the communication is compromised. With our solutions, the host will be able to interact with the audience in real-time with unique features like landing pages that represent the brand and booth with customized brochures, datasheets, live videos, images, and sample templates to ease the overall process.”

    VouchPro has been constantly innovating to provide 3D immersive experiences via virtual reality. The company has enabled over 200 large enterprises to engage with their customers effectively in the current challenging times. The company holds the record for hosting Asia’s largest virtual event on Health & Wealth garnering participation from more than 60,000 participants.


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