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  • Want your kids to learn coding at home? Here are the Top 5 platforms to learn coding for free.

    Published on October 30, 2020

    When the pandemic hit the globe, learning coding at home became a medium of turning imagination into reality for kids. Kids nowadays can easily learn the art of programming, coding, software development, web development and even Python, that too from the very beginning just by simply enrolling themselves on various online programmes. The demand for learning coding and programming is expected to increase in future and it requires a zeal in kids as well to rise and shine in this particular field. We have curated a list of Top 5 platforms which are specialised in teaching the most essential skills to help both Kids and adults learn the latest programming language. 

    1. Next Education India Pvt Ltd

    Next Education is an end to end K-12 solution provider backed up with 400 hours of video lessons, 2D & 3D animation to make learning experiential and fun, topic wise questions with solutions, sample papers, a question from All India Test Series and detailed performance report. In case of doubt, the online question-answer forum helps you in getting a solution within 24-hours.

    Smart learning solutions provider Next Education India Pvt Ltd has launched a coding game– KODA –which will help the children to design their own games through coding. KODA enables the children to acquire coding skills and also facilitates learning of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Koda is block-based programming, designed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The game is designed for the children between 9 and 13 years and is available on company’s self-learning platform LearnNext. The platform incorporates more than 12 programming concepts and 40 learning modules to keep the children interested. The modules cover programming and STEM concepts.

    In addition to this, Next Education provides the next book, next mentor, next lab (robotics, English, Hindi, math, science) and pre-designed curriculum for facilitating better academic planning for teachers and students. It’s one space for all as it strictly aligns to the syllabus of CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and 23 state boards in 8 languages. Next Education is growing every day swith 66000+ digital classrooms, 700+ schools adapting hands-on labs, 240000+ teachers and 12000000+ students.

    2. Coursera

    When we talk about online courses, Coursera is generally the first option that strikes the mind of the learners. With an array of popular and niche courses, Coursera provides state-of-the-art curriculum and faculty support to the aspirants. With more than 250 courses dealing only in the programming languages, you will not return empty handed once you make your mind to pursue a course in Coding from Coursera. You can choose course language, level, duration, specific skills, and mode of learning depending upon your requirement.

    3. Udemy

    Udemy is another trusted platform where you will find more than 800 courses, all dedicated to make you a pro at coding. Python, Java Script, WordPress, HTML, CSS, Android Development, Bootstrap, PHP, Swift, you name anything and the website offers some of the best free courses in this domain. Not only this, the surprising fact is that IT aficionados can actually train the mind of their kids in the field of coding at a very early age. There are coding courses for kids as well. You can click on the link provided below that will land you directly to the coding course designed for kids.

    4. Khan Academy

    Another stalwart in the domain of digital learning, Khan Academy offers free computer coding courses to the learners. Though there are limited options but each module is designed to ensure that the aspirants get hands on the best programming resources and will become well-versed in the know-how of computer coding. Computer programming classes are conducted by experts and in addition, there are online assignments, and practice sets that will put your knowledge to test. Visit Khan Academy without a second thought, to pursue one of the best coding courses available online.  

    5. Whitehat Jr.

    Founded in 2018, WhiteHat Jr is an ed-tech platform that teaches students coding through one-on-one video classes with instructors. WhiteHat Jr offers AI courses for children aged six to 14 years. The app helps children learn computer programming and encourages them to create games, animations, applications and more. The platform works with a live one-on-one online teaching format and a thoroughly researched curriculum. The subjects range from data structure, app and game development to machine learning and space technology. It offers four levels of courses — beginner, intermediate, advanced and professional — for students in grades 1-12. They currently have over 7,000 teachers on its platform.


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