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  • WardWizard unveils High-Speed Electric Scooter ‘MIHOS’ with advanced technology

    Published on January 13, 2023

    • The body panels of the new electric scooter are built with Poly Dicyclopentadiene Material (PDCPD) for additional durability and flexibility to absorb maximum impact
    • The new-age high-speed electric scooter comes packed with Lithium-Ion (NMC), with a charging time of 4 hours, delivering 100km* on a single charge
    • Equipped with smart and intelligent features: Reverse Mode, Antitheft Regenerative Braking, Geo-fencing, keyless operation and many more
    • CAN-based intelligent electronics
    • Booking starts from January 12, 2023, across all the company’s authorised 600+ dealerships

    Taking a leap in the era of sustainability and green mobility, WardWizard, a leading manufacturer of electric two-wheeler Joy ebike, today launched its new high-speed electric scooter ‘MIHOS’ with Poly Dicyclopentadiene Material (PDCPD) to bring high standards of durability for the riders. 

    Designed and developed by WardWizard’s R&D team in Vadodara, MIHOS, is a retro-style electric scooter. It is equipped with advanced technology, and user-friendly features with a vehicle sound simulator for additional safety of the riders on the road. It also features a broad seat for enhanced riding comfort.

    The production will take place at the company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Vadodara, Gujarat and the deliveries will commence in a phased manner across the country.

    Speaking on the launch occasion and the company’s prospects, Mr Yatin Gupte, Chairman & Managing Director, Wardwizard Innovations & Mobility Ltd, said, “ As one of the first promoters of electric mobility in the country, we are committed to building a sustainable environment and greener planet for the generations of today and tomorrow. Our new product MIHOS is designed and developed keeping in mind the aspirations of the customers and market demand. The scooter will not only excite the customers with its retro look and advanced features but will also provide extra safety with its high standards of durability and comfort across various road conditions. The company is further investing in R&D for creating a holistic e-mobility ecosystem and developing India’s first EV ancillary cluster to accelerate the adoption and growth of green mobility in the country. The year 2023 is going to be the establishing year of EV mobility in the country.”

    Making another move in strengthening its product portfolio in the electric motorcycle category, the company also unveiled the concept of its city electric motorcycle ‘Rockefeller’ at the expo. The concept motorcycle is designed keeping in mind the need of the riders for daily riding. The company is planning to launch the motorcycle by the end of FY’24.

    SPECIFICATIONS FOR MIHOS: Mihos, A Retro Styled Electric Classic Scooter is designed keeping in mind the comfort and easy to ride ergonomics which makes it an ideal choice for every customer irrespective of age.

    • Wide and longer seat with the dimensions with a height of 750 mm and an extended wheelbase of 1,360 mm.
    • Comfort ergonomics with dimensions L=1,864 mm | W=700 mm | H=1,178 mm.
    • Keeping in mind, the comfort the Telescopic suspension setup is provided in front with a mono reversible spring suspension at rear.
    • Mihos is designed as per Indian road conditions and with a  ground clearance of 175 mm.
    • Equipped with safety features, including Side Stand Sensor and Hydraulic Combi Braking System (CBS)
    • Mihos is made up of a unique material named Poly Dicyclopentadiene or PDCPD. This material is the key differentiator of the product which poses dual qualities of high flexibility and sturdy nature at the same time.
    • Mihos can do a 0-40 kmph in less than 7 sec and comes with an instantaneous torque of 95 Nm on offer.
    • CAN-based intelligent electronics

    BATTERY TECH: MIHOS features a 74V40Ah Li-Ion based battery with Nickel Manganese Cobalt chemistry having a net energy content of 2.5 kWh. Battery can stand shock loads and have gone through many industry-first test protocols for reliability. It further packs the range of safety sensors including the over current protection and thermal cut-off for the enhanced protection for the Indian weather conditions.

    The battery is at the heart of an electric vehicle. To pull out the required performance an advanced NMC battery is in place. NMCs high energy density and longer life cycles make them a perfect choice for Indian market.

    INTELLIGENCE: The Smart Mihos E-scooter come with the combination of different sensors imparting the intelligent features for enhanced safety and usability.

    • SMART CONNECTIVITY: ‘Joy E- connect app’ is a one-tap control for Mihos Connect and control the scooter via Bluetooth.
    • REMOTE APPLICATIONS: The scooter can be tracked and the Battery status can also be checked remotely.
    • REVERSE MODE: This allows you to move the scooter backwards for ease in getting out of tight parking spots.
    • GPS ENABLED: GPS sensing, real-time position and geo-fencing are amongst many other features present on the Mihos.
    • ANTITHEFT: The Mihos sense vibrations when left parked and can understand if it’s being tampered with. It also comes with smart remote control which locks the scooter when tampering happens.
    • REGENERATIVE BRAKING: it further comes with the regenerative braking system to enhance the range of the vehicle by recharging the battery every time the brake lever is pulled.

    PERFORMANCE: Hub motor direct drive transmission combined with a BLDC motor pack an instant punch to provide the best in category torque, combined with three speed controller to enhance the practicality of the scooter.

    • They host a 1500W motor, torque of 95 Nm, Top Speed of 70 kmph.
    • Seeking the safety of the user, the twin disc brakes are incorporated with an electronic braking system to stop the vehicle in lowest distance possible.
    • Battery is rated as 74V40Ah .
    • One charging cycle completes in 4 hours.
    • 100km* range per charge.


    ModelColor OptionsPrice (ex-showroom, Pan India)
    Mihos·         Metallic Blue
    ·         Solid Black Glossy
    ·         Solid Yellow Glossy
    ·         Pearl White
    Rs. 1,49,000  


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