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  • Warning! Your Teeth Are Prone To Acidity

    Published on December 3, 2013

    Researchers from the University of California have revealed that the occasional candy you snack on does more harm to your oral health than you toothwould have imagined. Researchers have found a strong link between maintaining oral hygiene and dementia. It was found that those who brush their teeth only once a day were 65% more likely to develop Dementia in later years, as compared with those who brush twice daily.

    Probe further and you find increasing evidence that supports this study. According to the Canadian Dental Association, sugary foods, fizzy drinks and other juices with high acid concentrations is a major factor causing tooth erosion among kids and adults. The number of cases has risen in the past 30 years and is of significant concern.

    Acid wear can make the teeth more sensitive to extreme temperatures making your teeth more prone to decay. ‘pH’ refers to the balance between acids and alkaline elements in your body.  Lower the pH level, higher the acid level in the mouth. Certain foods such as bananas, potatoes, milk help raise the pH level in the mouth.

    So how does oral hygiene have an impact on your overall health and well being? The answer lies in the acid levels in your mouth, something that has a greater consequence than you would think.

    Acidity is not just something that occurs in the stomach during digestion; it begins in the mouth and causes the teeth to soften. An acidic mouth witnesses the growth of harmful bacteria. What is surprising is that even a healthy diet can cause acid formation in the mouth. Certain fruits, vegetables and other healthy snacks have a high acid level than others and can actually wear away tooth enamel.

    Every time you consume something, the pH level in your mouth reduces for approximately 2 hours. Saliva tries to neutralize the acid and raise the pH level to above 5.5 (7 is neutral). But if you continue to drink acidic beverages and sugary foods, the saliva will not be able to neutralize the acid.

    To help protect teeth, it is important to consume a lot of water, especially for those who tend to drink large amounts of fizzy drinks and sugary beverages. One must also eat nuts, dairy products alongside certain fruits and other foods to maintain the pH balance.

    According to Dr. Kamlesh Desai M.D.S, Aesthetic and General Dental Surgeon and Specialist in Oral Medicine & Radiology; “An optimal pH of 7.2 is mandatory to maintain oral hygiene. It can comfortably be achieved by adding balanced meals and reducing refined carbohydrates intake and by rinsing or drinking water after every meal. Also brushing twice daily upto four minutes using a fluoride toothpaste will help keep the enamel of your teeth and maintain your overall oral health.”