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  • Waseem Amrohi is leaving no stone unturned to help people amid the pandemic crisis as a true philanthropist

    Published on July 22, 2021

    Mumbai: Waseem Amrohi is a colossal media personality , well -known in the Entertainment Industry and domain related to digital marketing. He is also COO of Anza Investment Group , a Dubai- based investment group & a group of companies of his Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al nehayan.  

    This time Waseem Amrohi is making waves not only for his professional realms , but for his philanthropic deeds ! 
    He is completely mindful about the debilitating situation of workers coming from India in Dubai who are greatly affected due to COVID situation plagued by fear and self -doubt , facing a plethora of personal and professional difficulties. 
    Waseem Amrohi is actively endeavouring to help the underprivileged communities  by helping them get financial support, education,sufficient food , solutions to immigration crisis and with the COVID – 19 vaccination drive.
    He is also helping dailywage workers and labourers by helping them sharpen their digital literacy to become financially independent & employable. 
    Working towards the upliftment of the most vulnerable people during this Pandemic outbreak is an unfeigned commitment for colossal self-made personality Waseem Amrohi, he is involved in community service for quite a long time.
    Loss of his beloved father Syed Ateequl hasan last year in covid time made him reflect his different layers of emotions that was previously unexplored, making Waseem even more empathetic and to evolve with a richer perspective of the world around him.
    Waseem Amrohi has been quite vocal about people’s empowerment and is leaving no stone unturned to use his social power & influence to speed up community development in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.This is beyond the shadow of a doubt a rousmarketing.

    Sachin murdeshwar