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  • Monday, March, 2020| Today's Market | Current Time: 08:41:03

    Hotstar has an incredible amount of programming, but not all Hotstar regions are the same. People are missing out if they don’t have access to India’s version of Hotstar, which includes blockbuster movies, amazing sports, and Bundesliga. The good news is that there’s a way to access the best Hotstar content anywhere in the world, thanks to technology that’s called virtual private networks (VPN).

    How Does VPN Technology Help With Accessing Hotstar Films

    A VPN connects the user to a server that’s controlled by the VPN provider. This server may be located anywhere in the world, and the person’s Internet traffic passes through it. When the traffic goes through this server, it ends up appearing as though it originated from that location.

    From there, the server sends the traffic back to the public Internet. As far as the service or website on the other end knows, the person is based in the server’s country. This is an excellent way to get around Hotstar region locking.

    Why Use a VPN to Access Hotstar Around the World

    If a person is already based on India, they may wonder what advantages a VPN can offer them when they want to access Hotstar. One of the biggest benefits is that they won’t be cut off from access when they’re traveling internationally. It can be frustrating to not be able to enjoy the content that someone enjoys most when they’re on a vacation or off on a business trip. A VPN service allows them to continue enjoying their favorite shows and movies without interruption. Enjoy the opportunity to watch Hotstar outside India using a secured service explained  here.

    Other Benefits of VPN Services

    Using a VPN also opens up the region-locked content of many other services, such as US Netflix. It’s possible to go from library to library without a problem, catching all of the content that was previously inaccessible in India.

    Another major advantage is getting around government surveillance. India’s Telegraph Act, 1883 allows the government to keep tabs on its citizens. One way that they do that is by monitoring Internet traffic and other data. A VPN is encrypted, which means that a person’s browsing data is made private so that the government can’t spy on it.

    Everyone deserves to have access to a free and open Internet, so the VPN service provides an effective way of making that possible. Another way a VPN service can help improve the browsing experience is by blocking ads on websites and other services. It’s easy to feel like the Internet is 99% ads, as many websites are covered from top to bottom with them. On top of that, not all ads are simply trying to sell something. Some of them are covers for hackers attempting to put malware on a person’s system.

    By using a VPN that offers ad filtering, the entire web browsing experience becomes better and safer.

    Some ISPs throttle certain types of online activity, such as watching streaming videos. With a VPN, the ISP doesn’t know what content is being consumed online. They’re not able to pick out these data packets to throttle them, which provides the Internet user with greater speeds when they’re watching online videos. VPNs also enable people to use P2P services without running into blocks or throttling, as well.

    How to Choose an Indian VPN Service

    There are a few characteristics to look for in an ideal Indian VPN service. The first is looking for one that uses advanced encryption to best protect the browsing data. Another important characteristic is choosing a service that supports the number of current and future devices in use in a household. It’s easy for the device numbers to add up between smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, video game consoles, and other connected devices. The ideal solution is to use a VPN service that supports an unlimited number of devices.

    It’s also important to look for a service that has customer service available throughout the day and night. VPN services may be based anywhere in the world, so if a person works with one that has limited customer support hours, then the time zone may not sync up with India. No one wants to get up in the middle of the night just to get customer support, nor does someone want to wait to use their VPN service.

    The VPN service should not keep logs on user browsing activity. When they don’t keep logs, this means that the browsing data is truly private, as it’s not tracked in anyway. They also need to not keep connection logs, so there’s no record of the addresses that are using the VPN service.

    For added protection, a quality VPN service will offer a multihop feature, which allows the user to pass their Internet traffic through more than one VPN server before it connects to public Internet resources. This makes it even more difficult to determine the original point of origin for the traffic, allowing for more anonymity. Private DNS functionality and robust leak protection strengthen the VPN’s privacy features.

    So what happens if the connection between a device in India and the VPN server goes down? This is a dangerous situation, as the Internet traffic is no longer getting protected by the VPN. The best VPNs have a kill switch in place for this very situation. If the VPN service is unable to connect to the user when it’s active, it will kill all browsing activity completely so the user can choose whether or not to browse without the protection of the VPN provider.

    Some online services actively look for, and block VPN services. There are two ways of dealing with these services. Online banks are a common entity that block VPN and other proxy traffic for fraud prevention purposes. It’s possible to access the bank without turning off the VPN by whitelisting the bank website through the VPN app. For services that try to stop VPN traffic in order to collect data on the user, a camouflage mode stops them from realizing that the traffic goes through a VPN.

    No matter what people in India want to use a VPN service for, it’s a highly useful tool for their online lives.