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Watford Football Club Owner Gino Pozzo Aims to Grow Club

Over some time, there have been numerous rumors about what could happen to the Premier League Club in Watford, with some speculation that the current owner, Gino Pozzo, had planned to sell it. The good news for the team and its local fans is that there seems to be no truth to these rumors.

Gino Pozzo, the current owner of the Watford football club, has no intention of selling the club, which is very good news to many. Rather, he has shared that he plans to build up the club to make it an even more important contender in the region. 

Rumors swirled from numerous news organizations that Gino Pozzo had made plans to move himself and his family back to Italy, where he was born and raised. There was speculation that the return to Italy would allow Pozzo to take over more of the daily running of Udinese, the sister club of the Watford organization. More so, news outlets had stated that there could be new ownership in potential suitors for the team, including for the Hornets. 

Confirmation of No Sale

According to Scott Duxbury, who is the chairman of the club, the information out there is, in fact, false. He noted, “It’s just not true that Gino Pozzo is trying to, or wants to, sell Watford Football Club.” He is also quoted as saying, “We look at ways constantly of developing the football club, and that’s primarily stadium development. If we do that through finance, then that’s fine, if we do it through a minority investor with an interest in stadium development, even better.” 

It is important to note that this does not outright mean that any investment in the Watford club is pending nor that there is likely to be any change in ownership of the team. Duxbury continues, “Gino is absolutely not looking to sell the club. His aim is to grow and develop it. Any stories that may have been circulating are simply not true.”

Gino Pozzo has been in the news often and has been known to have interests in other football clubs. Yet, there is no real indication that he is looking to sell the current ownership he has. Duxbury also shares, “There’s not much more I can say than that, really. It’s all untrue.”

About Gino Pozzo

Beyond any doubt, Gino Pozzo has much to offer today’s football clubs. He was born and raised in Italy, where, alongside a woodcarving and appliance business, his parents purchased ownership in a local football club. Over the years of its ownership, that football club improved and has been seen in a positive way.

After going to college in the United States and graduating from Harvard Business School, Gino Pozzo moved back home to Italy, where he made the decision that he, too, following in the footsteps of his father, wanted to own and manage football clubs. He did not take over his family team but sought other teams throughout the world.

That landed him in Watford, where he managed to learn about the potential sale of the Watford Football Club. The club, a member of the English Premier League, was in poor shape and had been an ongoing losing team. Pozzo recognized this and decided to do everything he could to help the team grow and flourish. 

The Watford team has some significant competition, which has been a key factor in whether or not the organization can improve rapidly. With clubs like Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, and Chelsea, organizations that have much deeper pockets to draw in talent from around the world, Watford could be held back some.

Gino Pozzo has made the decision to build up and maintain the team, though, and there is no indication that he plans to sell it or otherwise change ownership. The organization could see a substantial change in the future to help it to develop. 

Gino Pozzo knows there is a huge gap between the Watford team and that of Liverpool, their closest rivalry, but he believes that given time and work, he will be able to close that gap significantly to the benefit of all.

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