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  • Tuesday, February, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 03:25:31
  • Laurent Tapie is a revolutionary businessman in the automobile sector, and meeting Nadir Bin Nasir, an entrepreneurial talent from Dubai, their conversations revolved around cars.

    What happens with two passionate souls meet? This often sparks great conversations and discussions that lead to efforts for greater purposes in life. Experts around the world are often seen meeting with some of the most revolutionary minds and business personalities. This they do with the genuine aim to not just have a great meeting with like-minded individuals but to learn something new, acquire more knowledge and work toward better ideas in business. We saw how Nadir Bin Nasir, a young entrepreneurial talent from Dubai, tried to do the same when he met none other than Laurent Tapie, the revolutionary businessman in the automobile sector and many other sectors.

    Nadir Bin Nasir was recently seen posing with Laurent Tapie. Both were delighted to meet each other as both stand tall in their respective industries in their own unique way. Laurent Tapie, who is the Re-founder and CEO of Delage, a car brand that has remained on top for several years. The 1974-born is the son of businessman Bernard Tapie and Dominique Mialet-Damianos. In 1998, he obtained his business degree from Ecole Supérieure de Commerce in Paris. The French businessman since then has come a long way.

    He first created his company while still being a student and then worked as a consultant and later took over several companies in various sectors. However, his passion has always been cars; the same has been for Nadir Bin Nasir. The latter, who is known for his media and tech businesses in Dubai, couldn’t control his excitement on meeting Laurent Tapie and happily shared, “We discussed cars and more cars.”

    Nadir Bin Nasir (@nadir_bin_nasir) further said that since both are car lovers, a genuine and instant connection was bound to happen between the two. They discussed how the car business can be doubled in Dubai and later in the whole of UAE and how car companies can work on unique business models to attract more people to fulfil their car owning dreams.

    Overall, it was a great meeting between the two, and the two also looked quite pleased.


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