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  • Robbery offenses in Florida are classified as felonies and are considered violent crimes. Offenders will face different penalties depending on the type of force used in a robbery and other circumstances. However, the prosecutor must prove beyond reasonable doubt that one out of the four elements of robbery, if not all, were present during the conflict.

    The penalties for robbery in Florida are harsh. Still, with a robbery defense attorney by your side and aggressive legal representation, you might be able to reduce your charges. Here are the four elements of robbery.

    The Four Elements of Robbery in Florida

    Robbery charges, under Florida law, must meet four principle elements, namely:


    The first element in a robbery is proving that an individual attempted to or took the property of another.


    The second element in a robbery implies that the victim was present when the robbery occurred or it happened in their presence. 


    The third element of robbery implies that violence of some sort was used. The prosecution must prove that the defendant took or attempted to take property from the victim by using either violence, intimidation, or threats.


    The fourth element of robbery refers to the intent of the offender, namely, if they wanted to deprive the victim of the stolen goods permanently or not.

    Types of Robbery

    Generally, if the level of violence is low, and offenders have good legal representation by their side, they can receive the lightest sentence for robbery—a third-degree conviction. This is the best-case scenario, as the second lowest conviction for robbery—a second-degree felony charge—is more than double in penalties and fines. In Florida, there are five main types of robbery classifications:

    Armed Robbery

    Armed robbery refers to situations where offenders have weapons such as a knife or gun on them while committing the crime of robbery. They don’t necessarily have to use the weapons.

    Strong-Arm Robbery (Unarmed Robbery)

    Strong-arm robbery is a type of unarmed robbery where the offender uses violence, force, and threats during the crime but does not have a weapon.


    This type of robbery involves stealing the car of another person by using threats, force, and violence, with or without possessing deadly weapons. If weapons are used, the penalties are increased.


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