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  • What are the most visited places in South Africa? 4 Top-rated tourist attractions in South Africa

    Published on March 31, 2021

    Image by Antony Trivet from Pixabay

    With plenty of wildlife-watching opportunities, coastlines featuring golden sand beaches, and world-class tourist attractions, South Africa is one of the most remarkable destinations globally.

    Often nicknamed “The World in One Country,” you can experience a wide range of experiences without leaving South Africa. 
    Once you apply for the South African visa, it’s time to craft the perfect trip. Let’s take a look at some of South Africa’s top-rated attractions:

    Cape Town: One of three South African capitals

    Cape Town is a dynamic city on the very edge of the African continent and, curiously, one of the three capitals of South Africa (the other two are Pretoria and Bloemfontein). 

    The city combines the beauty of African nature with the delights of modern European cities. Cape Town is one of those places where you can stroll through the center, and an hour later you’re already going on a safari (or even visiting penguins at the Boulders Penguin Colony)! 

    Since we’re on the topic of Cape Town, we can’t forget about the famous Table Mountain. This stunning and unusually-shaped mountain is one of the Seven New Wonders of Nature. Reach the top by taking the funicular. Once there, you’ll witness breathtaking views from Cape Town and the ocean. It will feel as if you were standing on the edge of the earth! 

    Durban: The “India outside of India”

    Durban is one of the wealthiest commercial cities in South Africa. It features fashionable resorts, lush botanical gardens, oriental bazaars, and golden beaches. 

    Speaking of which: Durban boasts more than 600 kilometers of beaches on its coastline and makes for a perfect year-round destination. Thanks to all of these factors, Durban is one of the most colorful and exciting cities on the continent. 
    Interestingly, Durban has one of the largest Indian populations outside of India, and it was here that Mahatma Gandhi spent his young adult life and created the Satyagraha philosophy. Nowadays the city is rich with Indian culture, including fragrant spice markets, festivals, and the eponymous Durban curry (which, by the way, is said to be much hotter than other curries!)

    Hermanus: The quaint seaside village

    After experiencing the hustle and bustle of Cape Town, head further southeast to the peaceful and idyllic town of Hermanus. The town started as a small fishing village, but nature and yearly whale migrations quickly gave it the potential to be one of the most beautiful places in South Africa. 

    If you are traveling to Hermanus between June to November, you’re in luck! The town was voted as one of the best whale-watching destinations in the world thanks to the hundreds of Southern Right Whales that ‘visit’ to bask in the warm waters of the Hermanus coast. 

    More of a cat person? No problem: the Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary, a mere 30-minute drive from Hermanus, allows visitors to tour through the grounds. There, you can see lions, jackals, leopards, and Bengal tigers that have been rescued. 

    Kruger National Park

    If you have long dreamed of going on a safari and seeing wild animals, Kruger National Park is the perfect place to do so. 

    Kruger National Park is one of the biggest attractions in South Africa, with almost one million visitors coming annually. Naturally, the park is home to all of The Big 5: lions, leopards, rhinoceros, elephants, and buffaloes, and if you’re lucky enough, you can see all of them in just one day! That’s because Kruger has more than a thousand leopards and over 12,000 elephants roaming around the park and delighting those who visit. 

    On a short timeframe? Explore Kruger in just a day or two, or over an entire week – the park even features luxury resorts, eco-lodges, and camping grounds. 


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