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What to Look for in a Personal Injury Law Firm

When you suffer an injury in New York that was caused by someone else’s careless actions, you will likely want to find a lawyer. Whether you were in a car crash, slipped and fell in a store, were bitten by a dog, or were struck by a vehicle as a pedestrian, every personal injury case has the factor of negligence.

Proving it on your own can be a challenge. As the victim, you’re the one who must show the other party was negligent. With so many lawyers in NYC, you have plenty of options—but that also means you have to weed through a lot of personal injury law firms first.

Here’s what you should look for when choosing a personal injury law firm in New York.

Experience with Similar Types of Personal Injury Cases

You may have friends or family who recommend a law firm they used. But if you go in for that free initial consultation and find out that they have never had a case similar to yours, that’s probably not the best fit for you. It may be an excellent personal injury law firm, but you should always choose one with experience that extends to trial for your type of personal injury case.

Good Communication and People Skills

Most lawyers have outstanding communication skills and exude confidence when speaking. However, you will also want to work with a personal injury firm that has lawyers who are responsive to you and communicate effectively about the process. They should keep you up to date about the progress and outcome of your case. You will want to choose one that you feel comfortable with since you’re entrusting this firm to provide your legal representation and speak on your behalf.

Ethical Actions

Choosing a personal injury law firm that acts ethically and with integrity is one of the most important things. You should be on the same page with the firm and the lawyers who are representing you. Any lawyer who engages in dishonest conduct could cause you to lose your case.


Any personal injury law firm that you choose should make you feel like they care about you and your injuries. They shouldn’t just care about winning the case. While that surely is a shared goal for you and the firm, you want to work with a personal injury law firm that is committed to representing you in the name of standing up for justice and the law.

Ability to Think Outside the Box

A personal injury law firm should have a team of lawyers who can creatively solve problems with the available facts. They know where to look to find evidence that can support your case and can create a convincing argument.

When you find the right personal injury law firm that fits your needs, you will feel unburdened by the toll your injuries have taken. That’s key since your legal team will handle recovering your compensation while you work on recovering from your injuries.

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