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What You Should Do In Case Truck Accident Happens

A person may suffer from serious and catastrophic injuries after a truck accident. That’s why when a collision happens, the first thing that crosses the mind of the individual involved, and even the people in the area, is to get medical help.

But, aside from seeking medical attention, there are some other important steps to take if you’re fortunate enough only to contract minor injuries after a truck crash. Following these steps will help in protecting your rights. Check them out below.


1.Stop And Report The Truck Accident

Stay at the crash scene while making sure that you’re safe. To prevent another accident, put lighting road flares or cones around your vehicle. You can also turn on the hazard lights on your car to make sure that other drivers can see it.

Immediately call 911 if you or someone else got injured in the accident. Otherwise, call the state highway patrol or the police. Expect to be assessed by an officer when one arrives, and wait for further instructions. Don’t forget to request a copy of the police officer’s report of the accident so that you have something you can keep for records. If you need to go to the court over the accident, you can use the accident report as a piece of evidence, too.

2. Seek Medical Attention

Some injuries from large truck collisions don’t show immediate symptoms. Hence, it’s essential to seek medical attention and get yourself and your passengers evaluated even if you think that you aren’t hurt. A doctor can diagnose even hard-to-detect injuries, like internal bleeding. This is extremely important since you might find it hard to prove that an injury was related to the truck accident when you require medical attention for one later on.

Also, please keep in mind that getting examined at the scene by a medical technician isn’t enough, and you still have to visit the hospital for a full medical evaluation.

3.Document What Happened

Aside from securing a copy of the police officer’s accident report, it’s also essential that you document what happened on your end if you can. It’s best to document everything to the fullest extent and as accurately as possible.

Also, unless an officer asks you to, don’t make any attempt to remove your car from the road as it will only complicate the assessment of the accident and affect the outcome of your personal injury claim. And, if a police officer instructs you to move your vehicle, make sure to take photos of the original placement of your car and the truck first before doing it. Actual images that are taken at the scene can help investigators reconstruct what really happened, and this can work in your favor when a judge needs to determine the culprit for the accident. Below are other information that you wouldn’t want to miss documenting or capturing using your mobile phone aside from the placement of each vehicle:

The license plate number of the truck involved in the collision

The truck’s VIN or vehicle identification number

Your insurance information and that of the truck

4.Check For Witnesses

Check if there are possible witnesses around the accident scene. They can provide statements or can testify in your case later on if needed. That said, you can either collect their initial statements or document their contact information. To make sure that you haven’t missed any witness, compare your list with the ones from the police officer’s accident report.

5. Keep Quiet Until Your Legal Counsel Arrives

Unless your legal counsel is around, you should keep quiet or refrain from making statements. This is especially important since insurance adjusters will usually show up at the accident scene and will try to ask questions from you. Only answer questions from your insurance company. Avoid saying anything or providing any information to the truck owner’s insurance company as they might use it against you. What you can do instead is to write down their name, address, and contact information, and let them know you’ll just get in touch after speaking to your lawyer. Always remember that you’re not obliged to talk to the other party’s insurance company regarding the accident’s details no matter what they tell you. It also holds for any document that they will ask you to sign.

Final Thoughts

Another important thing you can do in case of a truck accident is to look for an experienced personal injury lawyer who specializes in vehicle accidents to help you get the compensation or justice you deserve. When choosing a lawyer, opt for one with enough experience in handling trucking accident cases. Look at the success record of the lawyer, as well as the resources at their disposal.

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