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  • Facing criminal charges can affect your life physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. That being said, it’s really a good idea to have a lawyer from the moment you run into some legal trouble. Ideally, a criminal defense lawyer is someone who can help you solve your legal problem and protect your rights when necessary. Given the ins and outs of the legal system, it’s best to have someone who knows how to guide you throughout the whole, most times arduous, process.

    Unfortunately, many people fail to recognize the importance of having a lawyer at the start of the process, thereby resulting in huge expenses down the line. So, listed below are the instances when you should hire a criminal defense lawyer: 

    You’re Under Investigation 

    Even if no charges have been filed against you yet, being under the investigation of the police authorities justifies the hiring of a lawyer. When they begin asking questions, and you think they’re investigating you, it’s about time to get a lawyer by your side. 

    Sometimes, talking to the police officers without the presence of your legal counsel can be extremely detrimental on your part because any statement you’ll be blurting out can be used as a piece of evidence against you. That’s why the sooner you work with a lawyer, the more you can prepare for what may happen next. 

    If you’re under investigation, here are the things you should do to protect your rights:

    Be aware of your rights – Under the law, you can refuse to speak to the police authorities until your lawyer is present during the investigation. Without your lawyer in the scene, you’re not obliged to disclose any information about the case at hand. 

    Avoid lying – When you’re asked to do something under oath, don’t ever lie to avoid committing a crime. 

    Only speak to your lawyer – If you know something, refrain from sharing information with your family, friends, and colleagues as the police may question them. It’s better to only speak to your lawyer about these matters. 

    You’re Arrested And Dealing With Criminal Charges

    Whether you’re guilty or not, getting arrested and fighting a criminal charge against you is something you can’t do on your own. It can become an emotional, physical, and financial ordeal for you and your family, which is why getting a criminal defense lawyer from experienced law firms, like Twibell Pierson, can be an excellent option for your situation. 

    If you’re facing the following criminal charges, then, you should hire a lawyer right away: 

    Drug Charges

    Most states prohibit the cultivation, manufacturing, selling, possession, and distribution of illicit drugs. Thus, if you’ve been found to be associated with these unlawful acts, you may probably spend a long time behind bars. To help you win a court judgment, you should work with a criminal defense lawyer who knows how to defend yourself against drug charges. 

    For instance, they can use their knowledge and skills to prove that, say, the police officers conducted an unlawful search and seizure, or that the drugs found belonged to someone else. 

    DUI (Driving Under The Influence) Charges

    DUI could be one of the more serious crimes to be committed by an individual as it comes with several penalties. If you’re convicted with a DUI charge, you may have to deal with the loss of your professional driver’s license, jail time, hefty fees, and many more. 

    Hence, it’s best to hire a lawyer who can create a solid defense strategy to eliminate the DUI charges against you, or at least come up with a bargain to reduce your sentence if found guilty. For instance, even before the trial, they can also provide you with some tips on what to do when asked to undergo a roadside sobriety test

    Lastly, it’s important to remember that a crime involving driving under the influence is a complicated one, so don’t let yourself handle such a case on your own. 

    Financial Crime Or Fraud Charges

    Another instance that requires the help of a lawyer is when you’re arrested for committing fraud or financial crime. This usually happens when you obtain money or property from another person by means of deceit or abuse of trust. 

    In such a case, you should hire a lawyer to come to your defense right away. By having one on your side, you may prevent the criminal investigator from incriminating yourself and ensure the protection of your rights and interests at all costs. 

    Homicide Charges

    Taking the life of another constitutes homicide. But, in order for it to be considered a crime, the prosecutors should prove the presence of willful intent or negligence. To give yourself a good fight in court, the best thing to do is to get a criminal defense lawyer to demonstrate and justify the act of self-defense in the killing. In doing so, you’re able to free yourself from the charges, thanks to your lawyer. 

    Closing Words

    Indeed, facing a charge in court can be an emotional process. With everything that’s at stake, you need all the support from your family, loved ones, and, most importantly, your lawyer. Their knowledge and expertise of the legal issues at hand can make the whole experience less grueling. 

    Hopefully, the information presented above answers the question of when you should hire a criminal defense lawyer for your situation. 



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