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  • Saturday, March, 2020| Today's Market | Current Time: 10:03:04
  • Mumbai: Booking.com, the global leader in connecting travellers with the widest choice of incredible places to stay, a range of must-do travel experiences and seamless transport options, reveals booking trends for India this Diwali*, including where Indian travellers are travelling both domestically and abroad and the top nationalities visiting India during this festive season.

    Outbound Tourists (Indians travelling internationally)

    Dubai, Bangkok, Singapore, and  Kuala Lumpur have retained their position on the top  for Indians travelling abroad. Paris also found itself among the top 5 booked destinations for Indians this festive season.  Istanbul and Tokyo are the new additions to the top 10 booked destinations list this year.

    Top booked destinations for Indian travellers travelling international – 2019 Top booked destinations for Indian travellers travelling  international – 2018
    Dubai Dubai
    Bangkok Bangkok
    Singapore Singapore
    Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur
    Paris Colombo
    Istanbul London
    Tokyo Hong Kong
    Amsterdam Phuket
    London Paris
    Phuket Amsterdam

    Domestic Travel  – Indians Travelling within India:

    While New Delhi, Goa, Mumbai, Jaipur, and Udaipur are the top 5 destinations for Indians travelling domestically. Indians this year are also travelling to scenic destinations like Puducherry, Ooty, Mysore, and Kochi while also exploring religious destinations like Amritsar and Tirupati.

    Other destinations booked by Indian travellers travelling domestically

    Top Nationalities visiting India during Diwali:

    When looking at top nationalities visiting India this Diwali and comparing to last year’s festive season (2018), UK, France, USA, and Germany, have retained their spots among the top nationalities visiting India this festive season. Travellers from Bangladesh and Russia also booked India making it to the top 10 nationalities booking India this year.

    Top Nationalities that booked India – 2019 Top Nationalities that booked India – 2018
    UK UK
    France France
    Germany Germany
    Bangladesh Australia
    Australia UAE
    Spain Spain
    UAE China
    Russia Italy

    Most booked destinations by travellers visiting India:

    When looking at the top booked destinations by tourists visiting India, New Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Hyderabad and Agra were the top 5. Touristy destinations like Udaipur, Agra and Goa also found themselves on the top 10  list.

    Top booked destinations for travellers  visiting India – 2019
    New Delhi
    Calangute, Goa

    *Methodology: The forward-looking data is based on bookings made by travellers between  23rd October to 3rd November 2019 and last year from 3rd November to 13th November 2018. 2019 data is based on the number of bookings as of 23rd October 2019 and is subject to changes based on cancellations. Data is as of 18th October, 2019.