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  • Where can one use ZIP Pay Later by MobiKwik?

    Published on July 20, 2021

    MobiKwik, India’s fastest-growing fintech platform, introduced ZIP – ‘Spend Now, Pay Later’ a few years ago & hasn’t looked back ever since. This feature has become one of the most popular offerings from the brand.

    MobiKwik is an Indian digital payments app which initiated their services with a website & a closed wallet facility. It was later extended to mobile app services, and now the brand has evolved  by providing value-added services like ZIP – a digital credit card.

    There are innumerable reasons to choose MobiKwik ZIP, especially when comparing it with the conventional credit card stashed in your physical wallet. Let us take a look at what MobiKwik ZIP – ‘Spend Now, Pay Later’ is all about & the advantages associated with its services.

    ZIP- ‘Spend Now, Pay Later’

    With MobiKwik ZIP, one need not worry about making upfront payments. It’s a very simple & hassle-free process. To avail the services, users just need to download the MobiKwik app, and then request for activation of the ZIP facility. The turnaround time for activation may take a few hours, but once activated, the amount approved is transferred to the user’s MobiKwik digital wallet. With the credited amount, the users can then shop or settle bills online & pay later (within 15 days).

    When it comes to repayment, the invoicing dates are 1st and 16th of the month, and the bill is sent to the users accordingly. It’s always suggested for the users to make on-time payments to avoid any added charges, which also helps in building a good credit score.

    Where can one use the ZIP features?

    Users can transact at more than a lakh brands, associated with MobiKwik. The credited amount can be used to settle utility and convenience bills, book travel tickets, order food, and more. Some popular merchants partnered with ZIP are  – Myntra, BigBasket, Swiggy, Zomato, Pharmaeasy, MakemyTrip, & more.

    Why use MobiKwik ZIP?

    Wondering how ZIP can be of help? In many ways, the ‘Spend Now, Pay Later’ feature can act as a blessing for the end-users.

    It offers one instant access to a credit limit of up to INR 30,000 at zero cost, as per the authorization received. There could be multiple situations where one is in need of immediate cash or funds, and ZIP comes to the aid instantly. Just download the app, activate the feature, and you are all set to spend the given amount wherever needed.

    One of the most important reasons for using ZIP is that users can work on improving their creditworthiness. With a decent credit score, one can apply for a car loan, personal loan, or home loan. The best feature of ‘Spend Now, Pay Later’ from MobiKwik is that there is no processing fees or interests accrued on the credit amount. If bill payments are delayed, there is a certain default period allowed by the platform, but beyond that, interests start to accrue on the pending amount.


    MobiKwik ZIP is undoubtedly one of the best features of the payment app that has been progressively working towards offering quality services to its clientele. So wait no more, download the MobiKwik app & activate ZIP today!