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    Wherrelz IT Solutions Limited becomes Thirteenth Company to get listed on BSE Startups Platform

    Published on December 29, 2021

    Mumbai : Wherrelz IT Solutions Limited became 13th company to get listed on the BSE Startup Platform on December 29, 2021. Wherrelz IT Solutions Limited came out with an initial public offering of 1,17,600 Equity Shares of Rs.10/- Each (“Equity Shares”) For Cash At a Price Of Rs. 171/- Per Equity Share (The “Offer Price”), Aggregating to Rs.2.01 Cr. The company has successfully completed its public issue on December 21, 2021.

    Wherrelz IT Solutions Limited is a Maharashtra based company whose registered office is at Navi Mumbai. Company is engaged in business of web-centric, multi-spectrum IT Product development and maintenance and provision of IT Consultancy. It provides a wide range of services such as Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), E-Commerce, Application programming interface (API), Cyber security, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud based tools, etc. through standard software development model or through customized software development model depending upon the requirement of the clients which is backed by advanced technology and efficient team of software developers who tend to keep themselves abreast by undergoing continuous R&D activity.

    Mumbai based Fedex Securities Private Limited was the lead manager for Wherrelz IT Solutions Limited.

    The 12 companies listed on BSE Startups Platform have raised Rs. 56.63 crores from the market and total market capitalization of these companies as on December 28, 2021 is Rs. 261.16 crores. BSE is the market leader in this segment with a market share of 100 percent.

    BSE was the first stock exchange to get the approval from SEBI and launch its Startups platform on 22nd December, 2018.


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