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    Which factors make the best term insurance plan in India?

    Published on March 30, 2020

    Selecting a term policy can be an easy task. However, the lack of awareness of a term plan can make it difficult for you to make the right choice in the market. A term insurance plan can be a financial protection plan that can safeguard your loved ones with the help of its benefits. Although a term plan can offer various benefits and features, you should know the different parameters to select the right one for you. Therefore, let’s understand which factors make the best term insurance plans in India:

    1. Evaluate your financial needs

    Evaluating your financial requirements can be the first step towards choosing the best term plan in India. On assessing your overall finances, it can become easier to understand how much sum assured can be adequate for you and your family. Along with this, consider the inflation rate before you buy term insurance for you. If you do not take the inflation rate into consideration, your selected sum assured amount might not suffice you in the future.

    1. Purchase a term policy at a young age

    Under term insurance, there might not be a minimum or maximum age to buy the policy. Purchasing a term plan at a young age can allow you to reap a lot of benefits, such as low premium, zero medical tests, and so on. When you are young, you might not suffer from severe health conditions, such as cardiovascular diseases, kidney failure, cancer, and forth. Due to a physically fit health status, your insurer can trust you with the term coverage and offer it at a low premium without medical tests.

    1. Opt out of single premium policies

    A term policy can allow you to choose between a single premium payment policy and a regular premium payment policy. While a single premium payment policy can allow you to make a lump-sum payment, the regular premium policy can let you pay the amount within a stipulated time. Although a single premium policy might seem like a convenient option, you should not purchase it. Single premium payment may not only be expensive but also may not be suitable for many salaried individuals.

    1. Cover yourself up to the retirement age

    Ideally, it can be beneficial to opt for a term coverage until the completion of your active years. For instance, if you are a 30-year old working professional, you can buy term insurance that can cover you up to 80 years. Since your children might settle down financially by the time you retire, you should purchase a term plan only until your retirement period and not for an entire lifetime. With your kids can bear the financial responsibilities of the household after they settle, you might have minimal duties.

    1. Select a credible insurer

    Many insurance companies can provide you with different term policies that can lure you into the purchase. However, see to it that you don’t just look at the benefits, premiums, and features while buying a term policy. Before you buy a final term insurance plan for yourself, you should run a background check on the insurance company you want to choose. While selecting the insurance company, you should consider the claim settlement ratio that can help you determine the credibility of the company.

    In a nutshell, there are many term insurance plans in India for you to choose from. The right way to select the best term policy for you can be to consider the top five tips mentioned above. With these tips, you can opt for a suitable term policy for you at a cost-effective rate. That way, you can protect your family with a financial payout offered by the term policy of your choice.