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  • Whirlpool of India Launches India’s Most Advanced Bottom Mount Refrigerator

    Published on September 10, 2020

    New Delhi : Whirlpool of India, a subsidiary of Whirlpool Corporation, the world’s leading kitchen & laundry home appliance company launches Intellifresh Pro, India’s most advanced Bottom Mount Refrigerator powered by advanced Adaptive Intelligence Technology. 

    Powered by its unique combination of advanced IntelliSensors, powerful microprocessor and proprietary algorithms, the advanced Adaptive Intelligence technology continuously senses, adapts and controls the temperature and humidity inside the refrigerator for a superior performance!

    Every household is unique – different number of members, different ways in which they use the fridge. The advanced Adaptive Intelligence technology senses this evolving unique usage pattern of the household, the changing temperature outside and the load within the fridge to ‘adapt’ and control its performance to deliver optimal temperature and humidity inside the refrigerator resulting in long lasting freshness!

    Mr Vishal Bhola, Managing Director, Whirlpool of India said “This is a step change in our presence in the refrigerator category with its advanced feature set and next generation aesthetics. This new range is built in our world class factory in Pune and reinforces our long term commitment to Make in India. 

    Announcing the launch, Mr. KG Singh, Vice President-Marketing, Whirlpool of India said, “We are delighted to launch an iconic product that is a format for the future. While it comes with a freezer on the bottom and fridge on the top, it is built with care at the heart of its design philosophy that caters to the needs of Indian families and specific to our Indian style of cooking and refrigerator usage. The IntelliFresh Pro range of Bottom Mount Refrigerators leverages our Global expertise in best-in-class performance powered by our unique sensors and algorithms that brings to life the Adaptive Intelligence Technology.”

    The Whirlpool IntelliSense Pro Refrigerators stand out with the following features:

    •  Enhanced Preservation through Advanced Adaptive Intelligence

    o    No.1 in Freshness: With upto 15 days of extended freshness* it claims prevention of upto 99%* bacterial growth, prevention of excessive ripening, best in class vitamin prevention and upto 7 days of dairy freshness*

    • Simple yet Intuitive design

    o        ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’ – rooted in this design philosophy the IntelliFresh Pro range of refrigerators follow a simple yet intuitive design language. Its sleek understated lines and curved edges give it a poised presence. Smart and functional by design – the ‘Flushed pocket handle’, never gets in your way. Whirlpool’s signature element – ‘Contoured Chrome’ punctuates the slick vertical form with an ever sparkling highlight. Besuited by the ‘Infinity Edge’ UI this limitless design is made to touch the sky. Wherever placed, the subtle design holds its own, elegantly.

    •  A Powerhouse of Performance

    o   Uniform cooling with 3D Airflow Technology: With scientifically designed air tower, strategically placed vents and air boosters to circulate cold air uniformly, the cold air does not hit the food items directly, thereby minimizing moisture loss and extending freshness. 

    o    Intellisense Inverter Technology: It adapts the cooling according to the internal load and reduces energy consumption. By automatically connecting to your home inverter during power cuts, it delivers an unmatched performance.

    •  Adaptive Space Management

    o    With a contemporary design, it has ample space for everyone’s needs in a family. It comes with a special Variable Temperature Zone that allows smart space management with the swipe of a button between fruits/ vegetables and dairy items.

    o    Adding to its allure are its attractive features like Portable Ice Maker which can be used to easily carry and serve ice.

    Availability: The Intellifresh Pro Bottom Mount Range of refrigerators are available in  325L and 355L in Omega Steel and Steel Onyx finish  at https://www.whirlpoolindia.com/

    Price: INR 39800 to INR 47250