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    White Dahlia, a new dawn of fashion for the little ones!

    Published on December 15, 2021

    -An inspiring and beautiful casual wear brand for young girls~

    As elegant as the Dahlia flower and as pure as the reflection of the colour white, White Dahlia is a casual wear brand founded with love in the year of hopes and new beginnings, 2021. As the name suggests it is a simple and sweet casual wear brand for young girls to cherish each moment of their life in the comfortable fabric of White Dahlia.

    This newly launched brand deals with dainty, cute and elegant casual wear for young girls as they embark on their beautiful and power-driven journey of life. White Dahlia believes in a sophisticated fashion that brings young girls the joy of wrapping up in clothes that will design their bright and beautiful future. The ‘Funky Unicorn’ night suit and the beautiful ‘Aliana Red Dress’ are a sight for sore eyes. Whereas the Layla Pink Floral Dress is the perfect pick for a playdate. This newborn brand already has gorgeous tiny outfits for your little ones.

    Founder of White Dahlia shared some mesmerizing thoughts about their idea of launching a brand that offers unlimited fashionable options for young girls. She said, “Young girls are extraordinarily pretty like Dahlia flowers, but they are stronger than we think. Our brand is a symbol of hope for better times for these young girls ahead and a reminder that women of any age can achieve everything they desire. These young women are the future, and it’s a joy to dress them in gorgeous little outfits”.

    White Dahlia launched in 2021, is an upcoming brand with hopes for a better tomorrow and a wide range of adorable outfits for little women to be fashionable, be divine, to be themselves and shine. It is the place where fashion meets comfort and where you can meet your best self. It is a promising upcoming brand with some heavenly designs and much more in store.

    In a limitless world, White Dahlia wants to nurture the right idea of fashion to women at the tender age when girls grow every day with a new and inspiring lesson to have hope and dreams; to be confident and limitless.