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  • Why Gambling Apps Make The Best Sports Apps

    Published on April 22, 2020

    Gambling on sports, and in general, in India is a bit of a gray area. There are a number of apps that have come up promising players large cash prizes for playing fantasy sports like Dream 11 or MyTeam11 which are nothing but gambling apps in weak disguise.

    In fact, we would like to argue that traditional gambling offers better chances of success to a smart player.

    Whether you bet on sports or not, there are other reasons to have gambling apps on your phone.

    Gambling apps are designed for speed

    The leading cricket apps in India advertise speed as being their forte. They promise their users that they are able to update their live scores the fastest, load the quickest, and bring live action to their screens in the shortest possible time.

    We have some news for you. The best cricket app available in India is no match for a good cricket betting app like Betway or 10Cric in terms of the speed at which they work. Scores are updated almost one to two deliveries before they come up on the regular cricket apps.

    The reason behind this is very straightforward. It is in the interest of the gambling apps to be able to update their odds the fastest so that no one at the ground can take advantage of the lag in time. Since all live events affect the following deliveries, the gambling apps are actually your best chance to get the information fastest.

    Switching sports is a breeze in gambling apps

    Gambling apps want to be able to offer their users the chance to be able to follow more than one game with ease and to be able to bet on them if they so wish. It is not uncommon for a cricket match, a football match, an F1 race, and a golf tournament to be carrying on at the same time.

    Normally, this would require opening up multiple websites, or multiple apps to get the fastest information. Every time you switch between the apps requires a refresh and some time to load.

    In gambling apps, you can instantly jump out from one sport into the other and find the latest information at your fingertips.

    Free live sports

    This feature varies a bit from region to region depending on the rights that the gambling company has acquired. However, it is quite remarkable the number of live sports that you can find in gambling apps like Bet365, Betway, or others.

    The gambling apps want to be able to offer their users the chance to follow as many sports as possible so that they can bet more. As a sports fan, you can take advantage of this by downloading the gambling apps and then watch free sports streaming that is unlikely to be offered otherwise in your region.

    This streaming is completely legal by the way and is one of the best kept secrets in the streaming world.

    The best gambling app

    Now that you are convinced, which is the best gambling app to download? There are so many different apps that are out there which are worth a look right now. We think you should download the biggest names first like Betway and Bet365 first. These will give you a good idea of what is on offer. Other more specialized apps like 10Cric can be downloaded next once you have got the hang of things.



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