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Why Romania is The Hottest Place for Gambling Right Now

Online Gambling While Visiting Europe

While Romania and gambling have a very long history, including times of turning all forms of gambling on illegal mode, Romania and online gambling became a real option in 2015.

In most European countries gambling is highly popular and online gambling is holding as much as a quarter from the total market share in this industry. Even though online gambling is only 10-15 years old, depending on the country, it managed to bring impressive changes and impressive income from taxes.

Romania is among these important countries to online betting, just like Italy, France or Germany. There are many international brands that chose to activate gambling platforms in the Eastern European country, because the market is highly qualitative and competitive.

A huge number of users find all the necessary details about casino online Romania on Supercazino.ro. This platform is famous for offering top-level insides, while it has many reviews on games and facilitates the discovery of important rewards. Supercazino.ro is reaching up to all the categories of gamblers, presenting valuable information for the players that want the efficient gambling mode, or the high-rollers.

The market is well developed in Romania, there are countless number of online casinos and great opportunities like gambling tournaments. Romania has an extended list of betting platforms and these providers are working hard on being visible to the users. This has created the casino’s need of presenting the best bonus. Online casinos in Romania are famous for having excellent promotions, maybe even better than any other location.

Gambling opened up new possibilities in other branches of the country as well, one of them being tourism. Because the general atmosphere is much closer to the Western Europe one, even though Romania is located on the Eastern side, many tourists consider it an undiscovered gem. And honestly, it is an undiscovered gem not only from the online gambling point of view.

Is Online Gambling in Romania Easily Accessible?

The legal age for placing bets in Romania is 18, once you have the documents that prove you have turned 18, the registration process is very easy to follow and is doable in just a few minutes.

Most online casinos offer great welcoming bonuses, for example Magic Jackpot Casino has a promotion for new subscribers of 1500 RON, that means something very close to $ 500. And not only this, the new player will also receive 400 free spins.

Because it is such a high-level market, almost all the online casinos are also available by app. For the gamblers that prefer to access all their favorite games on mobile devices, there will not be any problem at all.

The online casinos usually offer all the options as payment methods, so whatever one is more suitable for you, you will find a casino that has it. From VISA or Mastercard, to e-wallets or cryptocurrency, there will be nothing to stop your play time.

Best European Brands

The Romanian market convinced many important international gambling brands. Because this market is constantly growing, investors were quickly attracted by this new challenge.

The list of most popular brands in this business, has names like 888 Holdings – opened here 888 Online Casino or Flutter Entertainment – opened the Betfair Online Casino. Romania is presenting many powerful gambling brands and this is the most important reason for which there are so many high-quality casino games here.

The majority of platforms here are hosting more than 1000 titles, covering all the categories and from collaborations with number-one developers. From Microgaming to Red Tiger Gaming or NetEnt, which means a very long list of slot machines with the best graphics, good RTP’s and many special features included.

The market here is not different when it comes to players preferences, this meaning that most accessed game category is slot machines. But this does not mean the table games or live-casino games were not addressed with implication by the platforms. The Romanian online casinos have it all, a great selection of table games, poker, blackjack, roulette and many more. And the live-casino games are just as impressive and frequent, giving the users the best experience from both traditional and virtual gambling words.

The Rewards Offered by the Romanian Online Casinos

As already mentioned, Romania stands out strong in the rewards section. Many online casinos have promotions that are more than impressive, being able to really boost a player’s game.

The section of bonuses has all the types a user could want and need, from the welcome bonus, the no deposit bonus, the refer a friend bonus, to those exclusive high-roller programs.

Even though the welcome bonus is usually viewed with some reticence, especially those that are composed by matching-value of the deposit, the players still consider it the most valuable reward. But usually, this type of bonus is developed to really help the player and to assure him the online casino is a reliable one. By offering a welcome bonus, the online casino wins the loyalty of a user, so it’s mostly regarded by the platforms as acquisition cost.

Another very important type of bonus is the free spins and Romanian online casinos are super famous for having the best selection for this. The offers are just a big-ticket for winning, for example Slot V Online Casino has a great promotion for 500 free spins on Amusnet (EGT) slots.

Of course, the wisest path when wanting to unlock a bonus is to verify its terms and conditions. Because, generally, the bonuses that are very generous, also have high wagering conditions. After reading all the specifications, feel free to claim any bonus that is suitable to your gambling mode.

For the online casinos, the Romanian market is one of tough vying, this making it a great market for the players. They get the best platforms, the best, newest casino games and always the best promotions. Enjoy playing at any licensed Romanian online casino and you will discover a new side of online gambling.

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