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Why St Kitts and Nevis, Grenada and Dominica are so Popular for Second Citizenship, according to iGlobal.net

According to iGlobal.net, a leading consultancy firm specialising in investment-based citizenship and residency, St Kitts and Nevis, Grenada and Dominica have long been the world’s best countries to pursue second citizenship. Although the majority of the inquiries continue to focus on St Kitts and Nevis, citizenship from Dominica is rapidly gaining in popularity.  

In addition, new inquiries about Dominica from developed economies such as Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom are increasingly common. They are seeking a valid Plan B to hedge against a stark economic future, inevitable tax increases and the high risk of political instability facing Western Europe. This trend is likely to continue says iGlobal, mainly due to the ongoing escalation of the conflict in Ukraine. 

Case Study: Benefits of Dominica citizenship

Visa-free travel. Dominica passport holders have visa-free, visa on arrival or eVisa  access to 144 countries and territories around the world. As a result, it is ranked as the world’s 33rd most powerful passport. 

Dominica has a favourable tax regime. Dominica citizenship exempts its holders from inheritance tax, capital gains tax and wealth tax. Plus, their residence based taxation laws allow  those residing locally for under 183 days per year to be tax exempt on international income. 

Simple programme. The Dominica citizenship requirements and application process are straightforward and no prior immigration or Dominica residency is required.

Access to the United States of America. Dominica citizens are eligible to obtain long term US visas. As a result, pursue US residency options with the Dominica passport such as the US L-1, H-1B or E-B5 visas. If successful, live and work in the US with your spouse and children. Or try the US B-1 visa for multiple entries of up to 6 months at a time during the renewable 10 year term.  

Long Standing Citizenship Program. Dominica citizenship by investment is an extraordinary program for those seeking its credible reputation. Since its inception in 1993, the Dominica government has also nurtured the program by adding valuable benefits.

Commitment to Fighting Climate Change. New citizens of Dominica can anticipate the arrival of geothermal power on the island in 2023 which will meet 90% of their residential needs.

Ecotourism Splendor. In addition, there are myriad Ecotourism opportunities around Dominica such as a resident population of sperm whales living offshore, mountainous interior with towering waterfalls, over 1200 unique plant species and the indigenous Sisserou Parrot. Dominica is indeed well known as the “Nature Island” of the Caribbean.

Prudent Government Oversight.  Not to mention, the government maintains a strict due diligence regime to uphold the reputation of the citizenship program. Therefore, Dominica has a bright future and stands out as the best second citizenship option worldwide.

Investment Options for Dominica Citizenship

Taking the Dominica case study, and typical of other Caribbean jurisdictions such as St Kitts and Nevis, investors from all over the world can choose their best investment option to obtain new citizenship for themselves and their families. 

The first and most popular option is to purchase government-approved real estate in Dominica for a minimum price of $220,000 with a five-year holding period. The second most common selection is making a nonrefundable minimum contribution of $100,000 to the Economic Diversification Fund.

How to get Dual Citizenship in Dominica

Applicants must sign with a qualified agent such as iGlobal.net to obtain dual citizenship in Dominica. Rest assured we will effectively guide you through the government’s three step approval process. 

First step, select the best investment option. For several reasons investment in government approved Dominica real estate is historically a popular selection. This allows you to obtain an investment yield during the five year holding period, plus many additional benefits. 

After the holding period is satisfied, sell the investment to a new citizenship applicant to recoup your capital while retaining Dominica citizenship in perpetuity. Additionally, real estate prices remain stable because they are pegged to the Dominica citizenship program. It is indeed a stable investment option while global real estate markets are subject to rising interest rates and a resulting drop in prices. 

Second step, fill in the application forms and gather the supporting documents. Their legal team will guide you through the process by providing document samples and all of the necessary information to complete the application process easily and efficiently. 

Third step, your completed application package is then submitted to the Dominica  government’s CBIU office. Following that, due diligence checks on all applicants over the age of 16 will be conducted. 

After approval is received, the applicant submits the remaining balance of the real estate investment to complete the purchase. Passport applications are then submitted and your passports are issued. The entire process can be completed within 3 months. 

Choose iGlobal.net for Dominica Citizenship

Since its inception in 1993, the Dominica citizenship program has established the world’s best reputation. They have indeed set the standard for due diligence which is historically lacking in similar, yet much more expensive European citizenship programs. 

Rest assured that iGlobal is strongly integrated locally. As a result, they have developed strong working relationships with Dominica’s best real estate developers and government agencies. 

We also provide essential follow up support to help you obtain all of the Dominica tax  benefits. Rest assured we can guide you through the process of obtaining your tax identification number, local driver’s license and street address. These are essentials for opening offshore bank accounts, investment accounts and establishing tax residency in your country of choice.  

Essentially, iGlobal.net promises to provide easy access and opportunities for applicants and their families to become true global citizens. Our Plan B solutions are backed by personal experience and expert implementation. Protect your family, your freedom and your assets with iGlobal by effectively using their time tested solutions. 

Contact: Edwin Morgan
Website: https://iglobal.net/
Email: agent@iglobal.net
Telegram: +60 10 468 9761

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