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  • Why you must invest in air purifiers before winter arrives

    Published on October 13, 2020

    The winter is knocking the door and it’s the time of the year for us to get our jackets and pullovers out of the closet. Owing to the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown induced by it, we have spent major part of 2020 inside our homes. Most of us have given a miss to our yearly ritual of visiting a cosy hill station this time and hence, the arrival of winter is eagerly awaited. However, not all is hunky dory as the impact of the pandemic is still gruelling and adding to the woes is the fear of soaring pollution, especially in the wake of stubble burning.

    Governments too have already started taking steps to prepare for the situation. For instance, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has gone all out to launch a massive anti-pollution campaign seeking participation from authorities and citizens alike. We citizens too need to buckle up and take appropriate steps to minimize the hazardous effect of pollution on one and all. The first step we need to take at this point is get an air purifier, which would ensure that the air we breathe inside our homes and offices is safe. Let’s take a look at the factors that make air purifiers an essential commodity in the prevailing circumstances:

    Mitigate Covid-19 risks: While there’s no substitute for social distancing and wearing a mask, air purifiers in homes and offices can certainly help mitigate the risk to a great extent. There are specialized air purifiers that offer trap-and-kill germ technology for bacteria, virus and other smaller indoor air pollutants. We may not control the air outside our home and work spaces, but can definitely keep the air quality inside breathable and less hazardous.

    Safeguard from stubble burning pollution: With the winters come the season of crop burning in some states in India. This practice hampers the air quality and adds to the pollution levels in several parts of northern India, including Delhi and adjoining areas. Since most of us are still working from home, the direct impact of it on us is expected to be lesser this time around. It, however, does not mean that the haze over the sky would be lesser. In fact, the risk is inflated as we cannot afford any added health problem at least this season. So to ensure our wellbeing, we need to procure a purifier that offers cutting-edge technology such as EGAPA, Air Multiplier or Plasmacluster.

    Prevention from allergy: The condition of those suffering from conditions like asthma or bronchitis worsens during the winter season. It is a must for us to minimize the risk emanating from such breathing health conditions and a powerful as well as an economical tool to aid the efforts in this regard is an air purifier. The key here is choosing a purifier that’s conducive to the atmosphere and air quality of the given space.

    Make environment smoke free: There are a few options in the market such as AirOk SmokeStop Air Purifier that can arrest smoke of any kind, including cigar or cigarette smoke, formaldehyde, TVOCs and other toxic gases. These air purifiers with polypropylene filter and interlaced fibers form a maze that’s effective in arresting smoke. Besides, these air purifiers also prevent the spread of pollen and pet dander.