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  • William Penn presents the Harry Potter Limited Edition collection from Moleskine

    Published on December 30, 2016

    You must have seen a lot of posts on social media that makes you viable to the days when you used to delve into the magical world with outstanding storytelling and find yourself to be an inseparable part of the magical stairs of Hogwarts. Yes we are talking about amazing ceiling of the dining hall, the morning classrooms, the Gryffindor rooms; everything over there makes you desire to go to that magical school more and more. Remember the days when you find yourself so much relatable to the Harry Potter trio that Dumbledore almost appeared to you as your closed guardian and Gryffindor,  a house you always wish to be a part of, if you get to enter Hogwarts in your winter night dreams. And if you have no preference or ideas which house you belong to, you can always take a harry potter house quiz and solve your dilemmas. . 

    To fulfill the purpose, Moleskine has come up with an amazing set of limited edition twin ruled notebooks. Classical burgundy cover reminds you of the antique English reading rooms’ walls and doors, while the spells and the stills from the story makes you read and reinvent and fall in love with the story again and again. Be it the map from the harry potter series or the sketches that are so relatable to the actual storytelling that you find this package to be a genuine tribute that the amazing series deserves.

    The second cover design is inspired by the Marauder’s Map, a magical document that reveals every classroom, hallway and corner of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry including the secret passageways. The notebook is cloth bound to give the look and feel of a piece of parchment paper, as in Harry Potter’s world, the map is a precious paper that only reveals itself  to wizards and witches who solemnly  declare they are up to no good.

    These two exclusive Harry Potter Notebooks are bound to excite and enchant all the Potter heads out there and you will definitely want to own one of these to feel a little bit closer to the wizard world. The limited edition collection from Moleskine is obtainable for Rs 1298/- at William Penn store across India.


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