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    WirelessHD Consortium’s New Member Growth Reflects Consumer Demand

    Published on January 7, 2011

    California : The WirelessHD Consortium, dedicated to the advancement of a next generation wireless digital network interface specification for consumer electronics and personal computing products, has announced continued growth and support from leaders in the consumer electronics, personal computing and service provider industries. WirelessHD has grown to include more than 50 member companies.

    “The WirelessHD Consortium is thriving and continues to gain recognition from the world’s most successful and respected companies,” said John Marshall, Chairman of WirelessHD. “It has been exciting to experience this growth and continued success marked with the recent launch of the WirelessHD 1.1 specification in May 2010. The WirelessHD 1.1 specification is the only specification to support lossless high definition video with 3D and 4k support as well as multi-gigabit data communication. We remain committed to our objective of bringing to life the promise of interoperable WirelessHD technology as the best wireless home entertainment experience and look forward to expanding the WirelessHD ecosystem in areas such as mobile device connectivity and wireless local area networking (WLAN).”

    With a new specification and the first WirelessHD products available in the market, the WirelessHD Consortium continues to experience overwhelming interest from various types of businesses eager to join the WirelessHD ecosystem as adopters. Dell Inc., a world leading technology innovator and NTT Corporation, one of the world’s largest communications service providers, recently joined WirelessHD as adopters. Additionally, various companies in the consumer electronics and medical devices industries including Olympus Corporation, Lastar Inc., Askey Computer Corporation, Harman Consumer, Inc., Planex Communications, Inc., Gemtek Electronic Components, LTD, Lancer Link Corporation, NCR Corporation and VTS Medical Systems, Inc. also joined as WirelessHD adopters.

    “Dell is excited to join WirelessHD and we are encouraged by 60GHz wireless technology and its value for the consumer. Dell sees 60GHz multi-gigabit wireless as an important technology for our customers. 60GHz enables greater mobility for interactive usage of PCs and mobile devices with televisions, monitors and projectors while providing a wired-equivalent experience,” said Bruce Montag, Distinguished Engineer of Architecture and Strategy for the Dell Client Technology Center. “The uncompressed display transmission capability and ultra low latency of 60GHz is ideal for interactive applications like gaming and we look forward to extending the utility of multi-gigabit wireless in our products in the future.”

    WirelessHD is proud to offer the world’s leading 60GHz standard, with more adopters, more commercial products and the only active Authorized Test Center (ATC) for either 60GHz products or wireless display products. Several WirelessHD consumer products are now available in Asia, North America and Europe from leading manufacturers and retailers. These key achievements highlight the rapid growth in membership and products, application development and interest in the Consortium.

    The WirelessHD Consortium is comprised of over 50 members worldwide including technology leaders in consumer electronics, personal computing, medical devices, semiconductor and service provider markets. For more information on becoming a WirelessHD Adopter, please email: [email protected]