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  • With Financex, Manish Sharma is helping people in solving their financial issues

    Published on December 10, 2020

    Digital India today has been showing a huge growth and entrepreneurs like Manish Sharma are setting it all right. Manish is a well-known Digital Marketer from Kolkata who started his journey towards his passion at the early age of 17 began his journey towards the path he desired to lead. His interest made him succeed, and his eagerness made him learn and move ahead to gives his dreams a shape with DigitalTricksTips.com- currently known as BloggingFly.com, a website he began. It is because of his hard work and learning that, at the age of 21, he today holds a mind of experience that counts.

    Passion counts no age. It just looks out for some great ideas and ways that, combinedly with motivation, create something total worth. Considering such passion and the lives around, there are a lot of talents out there who have been working and ensuring to provide all the motivation and confidence. They challenge themselves every day and are eager to learn more by either working along or leading the people right through situations and for Manish his early start worked quite well. It was just after his class 10th boards when he moved ahead to following his passion in the field of Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing. He says, “I had ideas and a plan, but I never knew how successful the same could get. I just wanted to begin, and that’s what I did. It was within months that DigitalTricksTips.com began, and as a beginner, the average earning of $200-$300 per month was way more than enough for me. I just wanted to try and explore, and that is what I did totally, and I request all to do the same. Follow the dreams and move along.” It is all because of his experience and ideas that he has been able to run so many websites, successfully including the one that started in 2020, named FinanceX, which aims to guide the people for managing their finance and understanding the stock market investments and alike.

    The journey might remain the same, but to reach the destination, we do change the paths at times. Same is the case with DigitalTricksTips.com, the name of which was changed to BloggingFly.com in 2019, and the website today has been working quite well. Manish has also worked on Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019 event, where he made approximately $2000 in just a week. He as an entrepreneur always tries something new, and based on this idea; the website BloggingFly.com was sold at a profit of $5500 in September 2020. Having a huge interest in blogs and SaaS, and he is doing quite well therein too.

    With all the interest we carry, it should never be buried, and for the way Manish has been moving along and trying new ideas, it is definitely sure that soon enough, he has a lot of big positive turns to come up his path. It can be hoped that his experimentation and ideas used around can bring a lot of ideas and hope for all and let them have the means to learn and explore.