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  • With over 3.5 million global users, Receptix, the worldwide leader of programmatic job advertising, is transforming job search paradigms

    Published on December 14, 2021

    · The pioneers of the programmatic job advertising industry with a focus on offering seamless solutions for work from home jobs.

    · The platform has connected over 50,000 employers so far and is closely associated with over 100+ job boards globally.

    · 3.5+ million global users till date have leveraged the features of the platform.

    New Delhi: Receptix, a pioneer in the programmatic job advertising industry, has kick-started its official journey in the global job marketplace and has created a tangible & seamless bridge between job aspirants and potential employment opportunities. This new-age platform is un-complicating the job-search ecosystem and is positioned to help employers connect with suitable talent and simultaneously assists job seekers at every stage of their job search by offering them actionable insights.

    Receptix is a contemporary product; leveraging advanced digital technologies to offer unlimited remote job opportunities from across the globe that are not constrained by a single search engine. Considering the Great Resignation phase and the factors that lead to it, the existing recruitment process is under tremendous scrutiny, and it has become evident that the traditional job seeking and discovering employee methods won’t work anymore.

    This is where Receptix has emerged with its unique capabilities – through programmatic advertising, harnessing both the browsing data of the ideal job seekers & sophisticated algorithms to show them the right ad, thereby laser-targeting their ideal match. Our cutting-edge technology, help users find optimum results in just a click. The platform has compiled remote job vacancies across the globe, including countries like – India, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

    Speaking on this latest development, Mr. Amitt Sharma, Founder & CEO, Receptix, said, “We are pleased to announce this newest development, which assists job seekers in meeting potential employers. Our vision for Receptix is to carefully optimize user behavior and streamline the recruitment process to benefit both candidates and employers mutually. The global recruitment market is worth USD 200 billion, and we aspire to become a leading figure in this ever-growing industry.”

    He further added, “At present, Receptix is empowering over 100 sectors with more than 10 million subscribers. We have connected approximately 50,000 employers worldwide and are currently associated with over 100+ job boards across the globe. We send the most relevant job notifications to inboxes almost every day. As the digital adoption phenomenon continues, these numbers are bound to grow. With the help of Receptix, the entire job-seeking process will become more user-friendly and efficient.”

    As the first stage of its operational integration, Receptix has on boarded Indeed.com, Career Jet, Google, Oath, and ZipRecruiter as partners. The brand is planning to expand its partner portfolio in the near future. Receptix has gradually grown its horizon since its inception and currently shows results ranging from approximately 1.3+ million job skills across different industries. It also encompasses tremendous traction of over 3.5+ million global users, and counting.


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