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  • Witness the battle of the biggest superstars in Flix Movie League only on &Flix

    Published on April 2, 2022

    Viewers also get a chance to win vouchers worth Rs 50,000 each week

    It’s time to make your days happening and filled with action, drama and comedy as &Flix brings to you the Flix movie league. Starting this April 4th, the Flix Movie League is an eight-week-long property that will feature a lineup of the most exciting movies such as the Twilight Saga, Peter Rabbit 2, Don’t Breathe 2 and Venom. This season of the League holds yet another element of surprise for each one of you! Ten lucky winners will be able to win vouchers worth Rs. 50,000 every week just by answering some basic questions about the movies and the channel.

    With award-winning actors and a series of recognized movies the league promises to bring several riveting moments that will make the thrill-seeker in you enjoy the unexpected.  The league brings the thrilling Venom, a film featuring Tom Hardy, whose body merges with an alien, the Venom leaving him with superhuman strength and power. The next film on the block brings even more excitement and thrill as the story of the Twilight Saga where Edward (Robert Pattinson), a vampire saves Bella (Kristen Stewart) from getting squished by a truck. They both fall into love leading Bella into a conflict with various vampire sects. The league also features Peter Rabbit 2, a story of Peter who is bored with his family and the married couple, Thomas, and Bea. He decides to take a break from all of them and runs off to the big city. Apart from these movies the lineup also includes extremely loved movies such as Anaconda, Spiderman 2, I Spy and the Karate Kid and many more. So, go make your days fun and full of life with the Flix Movie League and don’t forget to answer the questions to win vouchers!

    Gear up for an exciting choice of thrilling movies with Flix Movie League blockbusters at 7PM and 9PM  starting 4th April


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