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  • Women grassroots cricketers to take center stage in the 2nd edition of CricHeroes Awards scheduled on 5th February 2023

    Published on February 5, 2023

    • 88 awards to be presented based on the matches scored on the platform
    • Jatin Sapru, famous broadcaster and cricket commentator to host the awards

    Ahmedabad : The second edition of the CricHeroes Awards, the only kind of awards that recognizes grassroots cricketers from across India, will be held on February 5th digitally. The awards will recognize noteworthy performances in the calendar year of 2022 which will be hosted by one of India’s most recognised broadcaster and cricket commentator Jatin Sapru. What makes the CricHeroes awards 2022 special is the fact that for the first time Women cricketers will have around 10 awards to walk away with and deservingly taking center stage at these awards.

    CricHeroes Awards are driven by the purpose of providing a platform to domestic and grassroot cricketers who are otherwise not recognised at any level of the game. The awards will be streamed live on YouTube at 7 PM from the official channel of CricHeroes.

    This is the second edition of CricHeroes Awards which was started for the purpose of aligning the aim of CricHeroes, to develop, support and provide a platform for grassroots cricketers to improve their games through analytics and other features that are provided on the platform.

    “We have always been proud in providing recognition for the players through our platform and CricHeroes Awards is our way of recognising the entire grassroots cricket community at a bigger stage. It is a wonderful achievement for these players to be getting these awards from the thousands of matches that are scored on the platform. Women cricketers are given the deserved focus at this year’s awards and we believe that this recognition will motivate them and others too.” said Abhishek Desai, Founder, CricHeroes.

    CricHeroes Awards have become bigger with two new categories added to the awards which are Outside India and Female Awards. These categories will recognise the members of the community who have displayed exceptional performances. 31 awards will be given in the Outside India category.  10 awards will be awarded for women who have performed at the highest level. The third section of the awards are the India Male in which awards will be presented in 47 categories.

    The whole cricketing community who are part of CricHeroes and take it up as a career or just for the passion of the game are recognised by CricHeroes for every little achievement which is worth recognizing. This gives them a solid reason to continue playing and keep improving their game by collecting the data in an organized manner and recognizing their effort on the ground. This has made a huge difference to the grassroots cricket players as they become more aware about their stats and understanding what they will have to do going forward in order to improve. The leaderboards feature in the platform has made the players more competitive which recognises people in their city, state, tournaments and teams. Such features along with CricHeroes continuously motivate players to perform better which has made a difference in the overall quality of the game.


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