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    Women operating in the personal care industry

    Published on October 2, 2021

    The industry of intimate hygiene is not a tabooed one anymore. Where previously men were foraying with innovative personal care products, now women too have started exploring the space as entrepreneurs. After all, who better than women to understand their needs?

    Meet these superwomen who are working towards making the lives of the ladies out there better by bringing up interesting and useful products in the personal care industry.

    Sujata Pawar, Co-founder and CEO of Avni

    Avni, a holistic menstrual hygiene brand, focusing on traditional menstrual healthcare. The brand offers well researched innovative and tested products to the women. The products offered by the brand are chemical free, and environment friendly. The Co-founder and CEO, Ms. Sujata Pawar who is a menstrual care activist as well, works ardently towards introducing  more products in the market for the betterment of women. She also runs regular campaigns and initiatives to create more awareness around safe menstrual practices.

    Tanvi Joshi, Co-founder and CEO of Carmesi

    Ms. Tanvi Joshi is co-founder and CEO of Carmesi, which is an intimate care brand, is focussed on working devotedly towards women’s safe menstrual health practices. They offer a wide range of intimate and beauty related products as well.

    Sushi Krishna Thanneru, Founder of Nyrrvana

    Nyrrvana is founded by Ms. Sushi Krishna Thanneru in September 2020, which offers a vast range of hygiene products, which gives the consumers different options of taking care of their body in maintaining its cleanliness and embracing a new lifestyle among the women all around the world

    Suhani Mohan, Co-founder of Saral Designs

    Since 2015, Ms. Suhani Mohan, the Co-founder and CEO of Saral Designs has been working towards providing high quality hygiene products, which make use of the latest technology.

    Garima Singh, Co-Founder of Saathi

    Saathi pads and menstrual cups are the products which are 100% environmental friendly, and are made of banana fibre. The brand’s Co-Founder, along with the other 2 men works towards supporting menstruation, and transforming the ecosystem by providing people only natural products.

    These hard-working women inspire us everyday, to be what we are and follow our passion. After all, what is better than women standing for women?