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  • Thursday, June, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 09:35:17
  • You need a designated vacation after navigating your life through a pandemic. Whether it is a travel plan with your best gang, family, or solo you are looking forward to unwinding and taking a break from your mundane routine, discovering new places, and indulging in new experiences. Your travel map has the best of the best destinations, luxury accommodation, handpicked outfits, and more, but what about your beauty routine during your vacation days? 

    Tressmart brings you the ultimate travel essential to look and feel good while traveling.

        Disney Princess Set 

    Pamper yourself with this Makeup eraser, while you hit back into your den after a day of thrill and fun. Remove your make-up and all-day-long pollutants with ease and make your skin fresh and unclogged. It is eco-friendly and can last up to 1000 washes. Soak it in warm water and erase the makeup in gentle circular motions. It is suitable for sensitive skin as it is free of alcohol, oils, astringents, parabens, fragrances, & sulphates.

    Price: Rs. 1899/-

        Quick Hairstyling with DAFNI Classic

    Get your perfect hair with DAFNI while you travel to the nook and corner. This innovative hair straightening brush is portable and advanced with Patented 3D Technology. It’s fast and easy in giving your hair a straight and smooth finish within minutes. Keep your hair dry and straighten from the root to the end of your hair in a slow pulling motion. You can use DAFNI on the inner or outer side of your hair.

    Price: Rs. 15,999/-

        The Hair Story Box by Tressmart

    Travelling is exciting, but it can bring adverse effects on your hair, especially when you are travelling from one city, the temperature differences and the changing air can make tresses frizzy and damaged. The box offers a five-layer treatment with Amayra Naturals Hair Oil that not only restores vitality but truly strengthens the hair follicle. The Keraology Teaser Shampoo + De-Stress Conditioner gives your hair nourishment and a glossy feel and it is paraben-free. Trnatva Kokum Hair Balm makes your hair go smooth, frizz-free, it is organic with a divine smell. Organic Harvest Hair Spa is perfect for a self pampering session that makes your hair manageable. 

    Actual Price – Rs. 4015/-

    Discounted Price: Rs. 2007.50/-

        Jazz up with Curls using DAFNI muse 

    Get your perfect waves with DAFNI’s Hair Styling Hot Brush. With less heat, you get lasting results, it even manages and locks short hair. The Hot brush can also add volume and straighten your hair and you can go carefree with different hairstyles. Whether it is a beach holiday or long drives in the hills, your hair is set to bounce with shine and happiness.

    Price: Rs. 12,999/-

    Regardless of the duration of your vacation, your beauty products should be your companion. Holidays are about happiness and rejuvenation, and not worrying about our skin or hair health and routine. One of the best parts of finishing up a trip is looking back on all the incredible photos you’ve taken. Arm yourself with these best tools and enjoy your vacations like a spoiled Diva!


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