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  • Workshop by the famous eminent speaker and laughter couch Mr Anand Chulani at Oberoi International School

    Published on January 12, 2012

    by NR INDRAN / INT

    Oberoi International School (OIS), one of Mumbai’s leading complete IB school has invited Mr. Anand Chulani an eminent leadership and laughter couch for a session on his ‘LOL’ Method on Saturday, 14th January 2012 from 10am to 11am at the school premises. Also, present at the event will me Sir. Vladimir Kuskovski, OIS-Principal . The LOL workshops are extremely popular at the California Teacher’s Association’s “Good Teaching Conference” and have been given a 9.8 rating by the Young Presidents Organization International for workshops for parents.

    The one hour session on ‘LEADERSHIP THROUGH LAUGHTER’ is about what motivates children and teens and how to use these distinctions to influence your child – whether they be a five year old or a fifteen year old at a higher level.

    After working with over 40,000 children from over 30 countries and obtaining results such as taking a child from a “C” to an “A” grade in one month in a their most disliked subject , to influencing gang members to quit, give up drugs and focus on school. This workshop is not just on motivating your child, but on unlocking the resources within them to get them to perform and lead at the highest level.

    The workshop will highlight on the following:

    a) Guiding Forces of a child – the power of play and pleasure.

    b) Driving Forces of a child – understanding and appreciating a child’s model of the world – human needs, modalities, state. Here, we will go even deeper and unlock the core distinctions and principles that drives every child’s behavior and decision-making.

    c) Practical Application – How does this help me motivate my child to excel academically or to make higher quality decisions? We will apply the tools learned to specific situations to show the application .

    He has been associated in writing for hit shows on BBC and FOX like the Simpsons and Goodness Gracious Me, creating TV shows for the Disney Channel and touring with Russell Peters and Martin Lawrence, leadership & laughter coach, Anand Chulani worked with Palestinian and Israeli youth and created the LOL Method, which was designed to educate and empower children to become Leaders of Laughter – leaders in their schools, homes and communities. In the last year, the LOL Method has been embraced by over 40,000 children, teachers and parents from over 30 countries as well as leaders of Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Turner Broadcasting and organizations such as YPO and the International Association of Hostage Negotiators. He is currently a regular guest and expert on peak performance for Bloomberg News as well as an acting & talent coach for the Disney Channel.

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