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  • World Cup Coming To America

    Published on June 27, 2022

    FIFA announced last week that North America will be hosting the 2026 World Cup as games will be played throughout Canada, the United States of America, and Mexico. 

    In America, 11 different venues will hold at least one game New York/New Jersey (MetLife Stadium), Los Angeles (SoFi Stadium), Miami (Hard Rock Stadium), San Francisco (Levi’s Stadium), Dallas (AT&T Stadium), Atlanta (Mercedes-Benz Stadium), Seattle (Lumen Field), Boston (Gillette Stadium), Kansas City (Arrowhead Stadium), Philadelphia (Lincoln Financial Field), and Houston (NRG Stadium). 

    This will be great for the sport as a whole as an American crowd has a chance to see the best in the world up close and personal. 

    These games will be a must-see entertainment for soccer fans. If you feel risky enough, one way to earn money to watch the games in person is to win in an online casino. There are many games to play that can be as entertaining as watching some of the elite FIFA matchups. 

    A New Generation of Fans Being Exposed to the Game

    The popularity of soccer is continuing to grow, but Soccer already made a huge blow to their potential grab at newer fans by signing an exclusive rights deal with Apple. They will present all of the MLS games on Apple TV for the next ten years, beginning in 2023. That hurts the popularity of growing the sport as people who are casually watching the sport will no longer be able to unless they have a subscription to Apple TV. 

    However, a lot of soccer is going on outside of MLS (and those leagues are where most of the talent plays anyway). Soccer is a beautiful game to watch both in person and on your TV as it feels like a backdrop of a pro wrestling crowd in the 1990s with the electricity some teams’ fan bases garnish. 

    The level of play is second to none. Watching those games will expose some newer fans to the sport and continue to grow its popularity in the process. 

    Seeing these larger-than-life players travel from all over the world in 2026 to various cities will do wonders for the sport as some of the greatest players will congregate in some of the host cities. The fact that America has expanded the Cup to 11 different host cities means a bunch of different markets will be able to witness FIFA Soccer and help expand in that aspect.

    Being A Part of the Game 

    With most soccer leagues happening in Europe, it is difficult to see an England or German team travel to the United States to play. However, now they will be traveling to one of the cities listed above. 

    As of this writing, it is not known which teams will play at which stadiums, obviously with the tournament being held in four years, but it gives you time to plan a little vacation and get some tickets to witness the game first hand if you like. 

    If not, television markets do an incredible job of making sure everyone will have the opportunity to watch the game, as these are some of the most important games in the four-year cycle. This should be a huge expansion for the American soccer audience to see some of the best soccer players on the entire planet going head-to-head and some of the most raucous crowds you’ll ever see in any sporting event, so be prepared to be sucked into all of the drama. 


    The World Cup coming to America is going to bring a lot of eyeballs here that will grow to be forever fans of some players and teams. This is definitely going to help elevate leagues like the Premier League abroad and Major League Soccer domestically in the coming years as people want to see the best go at it. This will be a crazy four years as American fans get to know some of the stars even more as the games get closer. 


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