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  • World’s 10 Richest Fortune Soars by 56% to $1.1 Trillion Since the Start of Pandemic

    Published on December 1, 2020

    Data presented by Buy Shares indicates that the wealth of the top ten world’s richest people has grown by 56.8% to $1.14 trillion between March 13 and December 1, 2020. The additional wealth was acquired amid the coronavirus pandemic.

    Technology billionaires main beneficiaries

    Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is the world’s richest person with a fortune of $185 billion as of December 1. Amid the pandemic, his wealth has grown by 66.66% from March 13th. France-based Bernard Arnault, the second richest person in the world saw his fortune grow by 103.9% from March’s $69.2 billion to $141.1 billion.

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk is the biggest gainer by a staggering 422.76% in wealth to $128.60 billion. Microsoft founder Bill Gates is the fourth richest person in the world and his wealth has soared by 16.47% to $118.8 billion.

    Elsewhere, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, the fifth richest person in the world has a fortune of $101.7 billion. The wealth grew by 55.74%. Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffet saw his wealth grow by 13.96% to $86.5 billion.

    Oracle chairperson, Larry Elisson’s wealth grew by 45.28% to $78.6 billion. Google co-founder Larry Page’s wealth has grown by 31.4% to $77.40 billion. Businessman Amancio Ortega’s wealth grew by 46.93% to $76.70 billion.

    Sergey Brin’s wealth has soared to $75.2 billion, a growth of 31.69%. Lastly, Steve Ballmer’s wealth has grown by 25.25% to $72.90 billion.

    The Buy Shares research highlighted some of the triggers behind the wealth increase for the overviewed billionaires. According to the research report:

    “It is worth mentioning that the pandemic accelerated technology and healthcare entrepreneurs. For instance, most people turned to technological platforms to connect with friends and family who were in isolation. Additionally, with restrictions on movement and gatherings, most people relied on eCommerce platforms like Amazon to get essential goods and services. The reliance on technology sectors saw their stocks remain resilient and recovering quickly.”

    The full story, statistics, and information can be found here:https://buyshares.co.uk/worlds-10-richest-fortune-soars-by-56-to-1-1-trillion-since-the-start-of-pandemic/


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