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  • World’s first 4D mouse from Genius launched by Inspan

    Published on December 10, 2010

    Karnataka  — Inspan Infotech, one of the largest IT distribution companies for motherboards and hardware components announced world’s first 4D mouse, Traveler 355 Laser, the latest ultra tech OptoWheel Mouse from Genius.

    The Genius Traveler 355 Laser is the revolutionary laser mouse with like touch-panel technology to turbo scroll during webpage or documents browsing. Traveler 355 Laser uses the latest in optical technology – OptoWheel, an optical sensor to replace the wheel.

    This features a comfortable touch scroll panel. This allows for four way scrolling and is easier to use than the traditional mechanical wheel. On the bottom of Traveler 355 Laser, is the advanced laser technology that makes this mouse work reliably on most types of surfaces and offers much higher tracking power than regular optical mice.

    By just touching the OptoWheel (the blue eye), one can browse the Internet or documents with lot of ease and smooth. By just moving the OptoWheel slightly the “turbo-scrolling” function starts. It can scroll forward or backward on websites or documents extremely quick (up to one hundred pages per second). Then just press the OptoWheel, and the “turbo-scrolling” will stop. With this convenient function, one can browse any electronic file very quickly and find the page you want immediately.

    Traveler 355 Laser is an amazing mouse for a PC or notebook because of its unique, creative features and style. One can use this mouse working or playing games just about anywhere. This gives the quality browsing up to 1600 dpi.

    “Hi tech products always create a customer segment that cares for superior features and style besides the quality and brand. Traveler 355 mouse from Genius is a perfect example of this trend. If positioned properly the product would do extremely well. Our past experience on similar products clearly records this”said Sudhir S, Managing Director of Inspan Infotech. “Partners have also recognized this trend and want to sell more to this segment and this will be another opportunity in that direction”adds Sudhir.

    Price, Warranty and Availability: Genius Traveler 355 Laser mouse is priced at an MRP of INR 645/-. This mouse carries a warranty of 3 years and available ex-Stock.