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  • www.RankMf.com answers the most popular question today – “Kaunsa Mutual Fund Sahi hai”

    Published on November 28, 2018

    By Sachin Murdeshwar


    Mumbai: Keeping in line with SAMCO’s tradition of excellence and innovations, SAMCO Securities is pleased to announce the introduction of RankMF, which will revolutionize the selection of mutual fund schemes with its proprietary ratings and rankings system that will help investors know “kaunsa mutual fund sahi hai”.

    There are thousands of mutual fund schemes “Par Kaunsa Mutual Fund Sahih hai”?  RankMF’s innovative offering is a first-of-its-kind service in India that will empower millions of investors who are seeking accurate research. RankMF rates and ranks all mutual fund schemes so that none of the options “SAHI” for them are missed out. RankMF does not limit itself to outdated ranking methodologies used by the existing mutual fund ranking platforms.

    RankMF ratings and ranks are completely independent. It not only rates and ranks on past performance, but also on a variety of factors by using over 20 million data points such as expense ratios, standard deviation, beta, market valuations and multiples, portfolio holdings and diversification/concentration of portfolio, the cash ratio of a fund, size of the fund, the predicted yields and others. RankMF analyses the most important factor which is the quality of actual portfolio holdings since that is going to deliver real returns to investors and not historical returns which are used by other ranking platforms.

    RankMF provides the most basic but immensely important filters such as “if the time is right for investments” and “strength of mutual funds schemes”, alongside providing personalized and guided experience – be it lumpsum or SIP or readymade researched baskets – for meeting investors’ financial objectives.

    Introducing the RankMF SmartSIP TM : SIP is not systematic or smart investing, it’s simply automated investing, Starting a mutual fund SIP and continuing to invest in it at all times through market ups and down has nothing to do with systematic investing.  SIP is NOT a smart system. The RankMF SmartSIP TM System solves this problem. Based on the margin of safety in the markets, RankMF generates signals which you should follow for your SIPs.  What are these signals and what do they mean?

    • Like Signal: Begin or continue your SIP. This shall be when markets are reasonably valued
    • Skip SIP: Skip your SIP for the month since markets are in an expensive phase offering lower value for money
    • Dislike Signal: Markets are extremely expensive and you should skip and sell your SIP
    • 2 Likes Signal: Increase your investments or double your SIP since markets are relatively cheap and offer great margin of safety or value for money

    Omkeshwar Singh, who has been the head of BSE StAR MF / Mutual Funds Market Segment, will lead Rank MF. Singh has almost two decades’ experience in financial services and is considered an expert on mutual funds distribution. He has worked across reputed organisations like BSE Ltd, ROMS Management Services Pvt Ltd, Anand Rathi, Net worth Stock Broking Ltd and Karvy Finance.



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