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  • xbird Signs Business Collaboration Agreement with RWA Top Runner MakerDAO for World’s First Tokenization of Social Networking Accounts

    Published on March 2, 2024

    xbird is making great strides as it prepares to go public on the CEX on March 15. xbird is the centerpiece of Elon Musk’s SNS X blockchain initiative, and now a new announcement has been made.

    The company has announced a partnership with MakerDAO, which is currently the world’s largest RWA leader.

    This means that X is rapidly developing the world’s first tokenization of social networking accounts, and the world’s first blockchain.
    While BOT measures and slander have been a problem for traditional SNS, blockchainization will make it difficult to create multiple accounts and easily slander people.

    It will also enable countermeasures against malicious companies that try to gain revenue by illegally earning impressions through spamming.
    We can sense the strong will of Elon Musk to thoroughly eliminate the disadvantages of social networking while maintaining the convenience of anonymity.

    In addition, xbird is not just a crypto, but the possibility that it will develop into the largest token ever is increasing as we have seen observations that it will also create a revenue structure in RWAs.
    The public is now completely risk-on, and money is coming to cryptos.
    It won’t be long before xbird is among the top of this trend.


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