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  • Saturday, November, 2019| Today's Market | Current Time: 02:40:50
  • New Delhi : Xebia Group, a multi-national IT consultancy and training provider, has announced the launch of ‘State of Agility 2019 Survey’ globally. The survey intends to bring the most salient developments in the world of Agile to the fore. The theme of the survey is “Digitization through enterprise-wide Agile transformation”, with focus on the current state of Agile transformation across industries, with a combination of business and IT, spanning organizational and governance aspects.

    The data collected from this survey will be used for generation of consolidated reports, and individual responses will not be made public. Talking about the need of surveys, Mr Anand Sahay, CEO, Xebia Global Services, says, “Such surveys help in tracking the trends on the benefits of agility, good practices and lessons learned. ‘State Of Agility’ survey is intended to bring out the problems that companies are facing such as lack of sponsor support, focus of teams, problems in assigning tasks, issues related to automation. This helps in making people more aware and gives them solution through good practices being followed by others in the industry.”

    Throwing light on the launch, Mr Sahay further commented, “India is an emerging market and is coming out as IT hub. The industry needs these type of surveys that can help the enterprises to know the best practices followed across the globe. It will also help enterprises to compare the best practices in India with that the global practices.”

    Xebia has been conducting surveys regularly to bring about improvement in functioning of organizations and improving customer satisfaction. In the past, group’s surveys on Big Data, Cloud, Online Digital Transformation etc have helped the industry to function in an informed environment.