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XYST Nature & Science Skin Care unveils strategic rebranding with new brand Logo and Packaging

 Mumbai – XYST Nature & Science Skin Care, the 100% vegan, cruelty-free and safe skincare brand, proudly unveils its new brand logo, ensuring the company’s sustainable transformation. The new logo is part of XYST’s strategic rebranding efforts to become India’s #1 premium and affordable skincare brand and bolster its position in the industry by fostering a meaningful connection with its consumers.

The rebranding initiatives are part of XYST’s expansion plans, as it aims to reach 100 Crore revenue in the next three years. The aspiration is driven by XYST’s unique value proposition as a derma-certified skincare brand, which has conducted detailed studies and tests on 12 females and males each, for eight days. While the benchmark irritation factor has been set at 0.5% in India, XYST products have garnered a superior score of 0.03%, which has been labelled on each product.

Ms. Gunjan Agarwal, co-founder, XYST Nature & Science Skin Care, explained the rebranding efforts, by saying, “XYST is synonymous with premium organic products backed by science, and has gathered immense popularity for offering premium products in a pocket-friendly manner. Our new logo and rebranding initiative underlines the values that drive our mission to offer superior and safe products to millions of consumers, helping them to keep on their skincare routines. We are hoping to penetrate more geographies in the country, while keeping our natural roots intact and being dedicated to deliver 100% vegan, cruelty-free, FDA-approved and derma-certified products to our consumers.”

The new logo highlights XYST’s strategic shift to enhance its connection with its vast community of consumers, irrespective of age and gender while reaching out to more individuals across India to drive business growth. In line with its vision to become the country’s top skincare brand with premium yet affordable products, the recently concluded rebranding effort has emphasised reinforcing its brand identity while highlighting its values to potential consumers. The newly unveiled logo dons a monochrome Sacramento (dark green), with subtle and meticulous attention in fonts, reminiscent of a tree trunk, symbolising the brand’s nature-friendly theme, and commitment to creating toxin-free products with unique nature-forward ingredients like Cica and Hemp.

The brand is actively working to launch a new set of hair care solution ranges by the next quarter after popular demand and strategic hirings are also in the pipeline. The rebranding efforts also come ahead of expansion plans across national borders, with XYST becoming synonymous with skincare routines in domestic and international markets. Additionally, the brand has also overhauled its digital marketplaces and its website, from premium product designs and labels to premium imagery, videos and mono carton brandings.

XYST Skincare is a distinct presence in a particularly crowded domain with its eccentric blend of cost-effectiveness, efficiency, ethical practices and inclusivity. Their commitment to offer premium, result-oriented products has established the brand as one to watch out for in a dynamic sphere, driven by excellence and innovation.

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