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Yashoda Hospitals Remove An Unusually Large Tumour From The Chest Of A 69 Year Old Woman

Hyderabad :  Yashoda Hospitals, a leading multi-specialty healthcare chain in Hyderabad, has successfully operated on a  69 year old lady with a big tumour in the right side of her chest who was suffering from progressive difficulty in breathing for the past 1 year .  She was evaluated and found to have a 18 x 15 cm rare pleural tumour arising from the lining of the chest wall . The tumour was pushing the heart to the opposite side, compressing the right lung and the diaphragm and causing significant chest pain and fluid accumulation in her right chest .

Speaking on the procedure Dr. Balasubramoniam KR, Consultant Minimally Invasive and Robotic Thoracic Surgeon at Yashoda Hospitals commented, “Chest cavity is quite capacious enough to allow tumours to grow to massive sizes hence, evaluation of persistent nonresolving symptoms are important . In this case, the patient was suffering from shortness of breath for over an year , She was taken up for surgery inspite of poor pulmonary function due to severe compression of the right lung which compromised her lung capacity . It required immediate removal to avoid further compression of lung , spine , heart and blood vessels and prevent further complications which might be fatal for the patient”.

Dr. Balasubramoniam KR further added, “Some tumours grow to massive sizes and pose challenges in surgery and anesthesia  but can be removed safely if the patient is evaluated and assessed properly before surgery. Patient was discharged 3 days after surgery and free of respiratory symtoms.

Doctors suggest routine health checkups especially for persistent unresolving symptoms, even if they are minor. These tumors can be easily evaluated with routine tests like chest x ray and CT . Early detection is the key to lesser surgical risk and earlier recovery . Proper presurgical evaluation and assessment improves surgical results and recovery .

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