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Yellow.ai rolls out USD 43 million in ESOPs, democratising wealth creation for its global workforce

          Program rolled out with the aim of creating wealth and long-term value for employees   

Bengaluru : Yellow.ai, a leading enterprise-grade Conversational AI platform trusted by 1000+ enterprises globally, today announced the roll out of its ESOPs program for its global workforce, worth USD 43 million.

With this initiative, Yellow.ai aims to empower its employees, irrespective of their tenure in the company or their designations, to create wealth in line with the business growth. The focus is to promote collective success by ensuring that employees think about long-term value and wealth creation for themselves, customers, and for Yellow.ai. Along with a very competitive ESOP plan, Yellow.ai is providing maximum flexibility to its employees by extending quarterly vesting post a one-year cliff period.

Commenting on the ESOP roll out, Raghu Ravinutala, CEO and Co-founder, Yellow.ai, said, “Yellow.ai is witnessing exponential growth globally and our employees have played a pivotal role in achieving this. Taking our commitment to be an employee-first organisation further, we are democratising wealth creation for all our employees to recognise their valuable contribution to this upward journey. At the same time, we aim to empower our employees to achieve their personal goals and contribute to the company’s business goals. We are confident that this will help drive further accountability, hire the right talent, create wealth for our employees, and implement our long-term vision more effectively.”

As a Great Place To Work certified organisation, Yellow.ai continues to stay committed to its goal of creating a people-first culture where its employees get the best support to achieve personal and professional milestones. With physical, financial, and emotional well-being as its top priority, the company is actively investing in a myriad of activities such as focus-learning weeks, no-meeting Fridays, group challenges including photography contests and fitness challenges, and partnerships with best-in-class partners for health insurance and other benefits catering to physical and mental wellness. For instance, the company recently partnered with Cult.fit for a year-long membership where Yellow.ai employees have access to Cult Centres and Live Classes across India. The ESOP program is a part of its 360-degree experience initiative that holistically focuses on wellness, learning & development, rewards & recognition, and employee wealth creation options, generating true moments of delight for its employees.

Neeru Mehta, Chief Human Resource Officer, Yellow.ai also added, “We are committed to creating the best opportunities for our current employees and attract future talent that will bolster Yellow.ai’s position as a market leader. In the face of complex global shifts such as the Great Resignation and the Great Reshuffle, adopting a people-first approach is crucial today, and we are proud to launch an employee centric programme that not only accelerates growth but makes it easier for employees to be part of the journey too.”

Commenting on this, an employee at Yellow.ai Apoorva Shrivastava, Product Manager said, “I was asked if I wanted more salary or equivalent ESOPs, and I went with the latter, of course. I truly believe in the product and want to participate in the growth of the company. I have always felt like Yellow.ai is my company, and this ESOPs initiative just makes this belief stronger.”

With a 900+ global workforce, Yellow.ai is looking to touch the 1000 employee mark by the end of this year. Recording a 3X YoY growth, the company is exponentially expanding across Australia, Japan, Africa, Latin America, the US, UK, and Europe markets while strengthening its presence in India, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

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