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  • Yellow Metal jumped 213% in a Decade

    Published on August 3, 2010

    Gold is the safest for long term investment says SANGEETH C.CHERIAN

    • The yellow metal has done extremely well in times of financial crisis: While stocks slumped 43%
    • Through the 1970s gold bounded 73% higher. During the 1987 market crash gold held its value and gained over 4%. And as markets suffered from 2000 into 2002 the yellow metal vaulted up by over 40%.
    • Commodities as an asset class for diversification of portfolio risk: Commodities have historically an inverse correlation of daily returns as compared to equities. The skewness of daily returns favors commodities, thereby indicating that in a given time period commodities have a greater probability of providing positive returns as compared to equities.
    • BEIJING: Investors who are in doubt about the gold price in the coming months have some soothing words from the Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society.Gold prices are set to cross $1,300 per ounce in coming  years’ time, that is what the chairman of Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society Feng Zhejiang said
    • Gold for immediate delivery has gained 6 per cent this year as the worst global recession since World War II increased its investment appeal. The metal touched a record $1,265.05 in June on this year.