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    You Don’t Need to Spend On Reverse Vending Machines; Start And Practice Plastic Recycling At Home

    Published on October 15, 2020

    It is a global issue when we talk about responsible use of plastics or disposal of plastics. There are millions of single uses bottles every year which end up in landfill sites or our oceans. Unfortunately, very few sites are used for plastic recycling. It is true that plastic bottles are way convenient and make life much easier because they are lightweight, easy to hold, strong, hard to break and also can carry various kinds of liquid (water, oil, fluid), household cleaners and baby formula. But have we learnt to use it responsibly?

    Plastic recycling undergoes multiple steps. It starts with bottle collection from homes, businesses, and other sites such as beaches, trekking roads, etc. Then, it is segmented separately and cleaned with its different types (PET bottles, High-Density Polyethylene, Polyvinyl Chloride, etc.) from metal, glass and paper waste and dumped into recycling bins. 

    Once the bottles are shredded into flakes and melted down into small pellets, each about the size of a grain of rice, they are sold to companies where it can be melted and made into different products. For instance, plastic toys, tools, electronic gadgets, etc. are the by-product of recycled plastic.

    Brand Initiatives for Plastic Recycling

    Brands have understood that recycling reduces pollution and helps cut down on the volume of trash thrown into landfills, so our garbage does not take up as much space. Additionally, it also creates jobs for rag pickers and for people who work at places that turn plastic into new materials. Therefore, many brands have come up with initiatives which address the responsible and sustainable use of plastic. Plastic waste management is taken seriously by many brands in India. One such initiative is ‘Bottles for Change’ by Bisleri which was introduced two years back to educate us regarding the importance of plastic recycling and not just dumping it into waste. ‘Bottles for Change’ implicates the fact that plastic is not a problem anymore; it can be reused and recycled into sustainable products. The initiative creates value by requesting plastic consumers to clean and segregate the different types of plastics (milk pouches, mineral water bottles, cosmetic bottles, etc.) separately at home and make it ready to send for recycling.

    Best Plastic Recycling Practices

    Other than big brands and companies, it is also our responsibility to manage waste. There are multiple ways and systems to start recycling at home other than just segregating paper, glass and plastics. In the era of the internet, it is not rocket science to use quick hacks and tips to reduce, reuse and recycle. Let’s run through the quick ways that can help you build your world a much greener and cleaner place. 

    1. Creating Recycled Plastic Bottle Cups and Pen holder

    Love organizing house parties frequently. Instead of buying plastic glasses, you can make plastic cups at home from empty mineral water bottles or cold-drink bottles. If not for partying, you can improvise and use the same hack for creating a fancy pen or crayon holder for your kids. 

    1. Reusing Coffee Creamer Containers for Snack Storage

    Bored of your regular kitchen containers and looking for a sustainable way to organize your kitchen counters? You can repurpose old bottles into snack containers. You can also carry snacks on the road as they make pouring easy. Use the same hack with empty coffee creamer to store sugar, salt, and similar products.

    1. DIY Recycled Plastic Bottle Planter

    This is one of the most interesting and beautiful DIY creations from plastic bottles. You just need a 1 litre or 2 litre bottles to make a cat plant holder. Cut the bottom third of the bottle and paint it with your favourite colour. You can make use of the rest part of the bottle to make kitty’s ears. Use your artistic skills to draw a face and other features of a cat on the bottle. Finally, fill it up with seeds and soil and your cute cat plant holder is ready to be used.

    1. Upcycling Laundry Detergent Bottles

    Empty laundry detergent containers and drill some holes in the cap. You can wrap the body leftover water-resistant gift wrapper. Fill up the container with water and start pouring water on your plants.

    1. Turning a Milk Carton into a Scooper

    If you have an empty milk carton at home, do not throw or dump it. You can create a DIY scooper from the milk carton. You can use it to garden your plants or even clean up after your dog, scoop, and toss. Check out some YouTube tutorials for the craft.

    1. DIY Piggy Bank Made from a Reused Plastic Bottle

    Want to teach your children about recycling plastic bottles at home? Teach them to create a plastic bottle piggy bank where they can store their pocket money. Use your child’s favourite colour and paint the bottle. Design it as per your requirement. Just slit a thin area to insert coins and cash and the piggy bank is ready. You can do this along with your child and have a fun weekend, and it is not a bad idea if they learn to practice plastic recycling at home while growing up.