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  • Young and aspiring Politicians can now polish their oratory skills Workshop on Public Speaking for Politicians and others announced

    Published on March 17, 2014

    Hyderabad :This is elections time.  One thing that politicians love the most is the “Mike”.  With the elections around the corner, they like it even more. The end result marathon speeches.  Mostly repetitive, dull and boring.  Each political party and contesting candidate worth their salt try their best to attract the electorate, attempting Speak Up Logofor maximum influence in the shortest possible time to win friends and get votes with their oratory skills.  The more the speeches, the clumsier they become. Regardless of how good or bad the speeches, the poor voters become mute victims.

    Boring they might be, but speeches are necessary. Hence there is a demand for prolific speakers.  Helping many speak better public speeches  is Hyderabad based Media Junction. A centre dedicated exclusively for the cause of Public Speaking has been making fast strides in this area of specialisation for the past ten years. It has successfully organised 175 batches of workshop(politicians and general) and trained few hundred since the year 2004  It is the only organisation in the country which has been condcuting such training programmes uninterrputedly for almost decade.

    It has even set up its own place known as speech lab in Musheerabad in city.  It has just announced a four-day Workshop on Effective Public Speaking  for Politicians as well as others.  It has started several years ago exclusive classes for politicians which was probably the first time in India catering to politicians.  Now the fresh  batch 177th is scheduled to be held  from March   20th   to  23rd   in city at Media Junction premisesGolconda Cross Roads in Musheerabad.  The classes will be held in the evening from 6 to 9:30 PM. Subject enthusiast, Media and Public Relations Consultant D. Ramchandram of Solus Media will conduct the classes.

    Though the training programmes are being conducted for somany years, only in the recent past, may be for the past five years are so, it has been attracting a good number of politicians, especially young and upcoming politicians with few years of experience, who want to make their mark.  Their intentions are very clear.  The young aspiring politicians unlike others want to learn Public Speaking skills systematically.

    Several hundreds adults whom the training program attracted,  about 30 per cent are established politicians and aspiring politicians.  The number is gradually increasing.  Enquiries from this tribe is gradually increasing off late informed Kalpana,  Director of Media Junction.

    Given the challenges of campaigning, such as time constraints and quite a good number of people to be reached and more areas to be covered, many political parties, contesting candidates obviously look for powerful speakers who can mesmerise voters.  Effective Public Speaking is one of the available tools to reach more potential voters.  An effective speech will be a sure mantra for success besides lot of money required to win.  All politicians know about it.  Hence, there is a huge demand for effective public speaking training, felt D. Ramchandram, who has few hundred Public Speaking training programmes and several other programs to his credit.

    D.RAMCHANDRAM, PUBLIC SPEAKING TRAINERPublic Speaking as a must to be acquired skill by politicians is never in focus like it is now.  The fact that Public Speaking capability is not a gift of providence, but can be acquired through training and practice.  The fact remains that, Public Speaking must be learnt.  This learning can be done in a ‘hit and miss’ manner — i.e. speaking whenever there are opportunities and learning in the process. But, there is a sure shot way too – that is to attend a formal training course which would impart the knowledge on the “Essentials of Public Speaking”, informed D. Ramchandram.

    Unfortunately there is no concentrated effort by any school or college all over India to teach this most sought-after skill.  Except for few premier management colleges, no where in India this is being taught.  Looking at the importance of the subject, Media Junction has decided to run series of programmes several years ago to help people develope their public speaking skills.


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